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Shane Mosley: Say Hello to the Bad Guy

Shane Mosley doesn't care what you people think of him anymore, and doesn't mind playing the provocateur.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

If any of you have followed Shane Mosley's twitter account recently, you'll note a stark contrast from what we've typically seen of him in the public eye. Shane was always known as a rather polite and friendly pugilist, always wearing a smile, except for when it's time to step between the ropes. But the change in his disposition has become so apparent that many have questioned whether or not he is actually the one running his social media accounts. This new Twitter-age Mosley can be pretty flagrant, often going on epic rants and relentlessly trolling any random user who pokes fun at him or his fights (such as this Mayorga freak show). Exhibit A:

Now I can't deny it, that was pretty funny, but I probably shouldn't have labeled his fight with Mayorga a "freak show" because Shane might be primed to flip out on me next. He did happen like my article on him coming back at his ex-wife Jin, but when I offered to cover his fight "with the chain smoker" in exchange for a follow, I might have torched that bridge. Oh well.

Now Shane has taken a moment to speak on his new demeanor, and let it be known that he doesn't care what you all think of him anymore.

"I'm older now. I'm just going to speak my mind and tell people what it is. I mean, my team is strong. Me and my girl, we're doing our thing. I just feel good. I feel like, you know what, you can't do nothing to me anyway. You can't stop me. Things are about to start happening and they're about to jump on the bandwagon anyway. Floyd made his whole career talking shit, so now what," Mosley explained. "I don't have to play the good guy role anymore, so fuck y'all. I'm at the top of my game. I can do whatever I want to do. I can pretty much say, not whatever I want, but just talk how I feel and speak normal."

There you have it. "F*ck Ya'll" Mosley is scheduled to take on "Pack-a-Day" Mayorga on PPV, Aug. 29th.

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