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Terence Crawford and Team Jean trade verbal jabs

Terence Crawford was in Omaha yesterday to formally announce his first 140lb title defense against Dierry Jean.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Yesterday at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska, Terence Crawford held a news conference to formally annouce his 140lb title defense against Dierry Jean, except Jean himself was nowhere to be found. As it turns out, Dierry Jean said he had lost his passport which didn't allow him to travel to the U.S. for the presser, but luckily his team was there to do the talking for him, of which they did plenty. His manager, Camille Estephan, was so confident in his fighter that he's already talking a rematch (alluding to the contractual rematch clause Crawford has in case he loses).

"I am happy to announce the rematch will be right back here in Omaha," Estephan said. "We don't want it in Montreal. We love Omaha and want to come back to Omaha.

"Dierry asked for this fight, and when we told him it would be in Omaha, he said, 'All the better.' Dierry has the style and power to beat Crawford. Dierry only wants to fight and beat the best."

Terence Crawford expressed that the fact Jean specifically asking for this fight is getting him even more hyped for their Oct. 24th meeting on HBO.

"Wow, he asked to fight me. That's good. I like it," Crawford said. "I will be 100 percent prepared -- probably more than 100 percent because of the way Dierry's team has been talking."

Not too many people really expect Jean to be able to cope with Crawford's sharp boxing acumen and switch-hitting style, but maybe I should pose the question to you all. Do any of you think Dierry Jean can really win this fight?

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