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De La Hoya talks the difference between Cotto-Canelo and GGG-Lemieux

Oscar De La Hoya gives his predictions for his two upcoming star fights.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

After the Cotto-Canelo press conference yesterday, Oscar De La Hoya was asked which fight he thinks will be more spectacular, Cotto-Canelo or Golovkin-Lemieux. After taking a second to think about it, he ultimately says that he thinks both fights will be spectacular for the fans, with the only difference between the two being how long they last.

Oscar says that Cotto-Canelo will be a longer fight, going 8-10 rounds, with Oscar tabbing Canelo to win by stoppage, while he says Golovkin-Lemiuex will probably only last 3-5 rounds, with David Lemieux knocking out Gennady Golovkin in dramatic fashion. Of course none of these predictions would have anything to do with Oscar picking the fighters signed to his company - he's just being completely impartial here.

That aside, Golden Boy has two of the biggest fights in the sport scheduled for this fall and De La Hoya really has no reason to be anything other than giddy about it.

So let me ask a tough question in the poll below, which fight tickles your fancy more, Cotto-Canelo or GGG-Lemieux?

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