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Shane Mosley seeks divorce settlement overturned, says he was never legally married

Shane Mosley says he was never legally married, and that his divorce settlement should be overturned.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Shane Mosley is in the news a lot for a guy who hasn't fought in two years and has won one fight in the last six years and doesn't keep running into serious legal problems. Mosley is now saying that he was never legally married to his ex-wife Jin, and is seeking a return of the $6 million she got in the settlement.

The two were married in 2002, but Shane says that she was already married, and thus their marriage was never legal. Jin's lawyer says that she was never married to anyone else while she was married to Mosley, but Shane is saying that Jin married Sanjay Dwivedi in 1995 and divorced him in 2006, meaning there would be about four years of overlap.

A California judge told Mosley that an overturning of the settlement may be unlikely given the amount of time that has passed, and also noted that Shane had not actually proven that Jin C. Sheehan, who married Dwivedi, is the same person as Jin C. Mosley. Mosley went to New York to ask a judge to unseal a confidential divorce file between Sanjay Dwivedi and his ex-wife, be she Jin Mosley or simply some other person named Jin.

Mosley reportedly discovered this information in July, when he noticed that she was supporting a fifth child that he did not know anything about. Shane and Jin had three children together, and he had knowledge of a child that she had before their marriage.

Mosley returns to the ring on Saturday in Inglewood, California, facing Ricardo Mayorga in a rematch of their 2008 fight.

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