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Dan Auerbach discusses boxing's influence on The Arcs

Dan Auerbach says that boxing was one of the major influences on his new project, The Arcs.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Dan Auerbach, most notable as the singer and guitarist of The Black Keys, has a new project with a new album coming up. The Arcs, led by Auerbach, will release Yours, Dreamily next week, and the musician spoke with Entertainment Weekly about a surprising influence on the music: boxing.

"I was getting into boxing for the last couple years. My cousin moved to Nashville and he'd been boxing since he was like 12. He started teaching me and I got into it. Then this artist's artwork caught my eye, Omar Juarez. He had a boxer that he drew and the boxer had a bandage and was missing a hand. His body was cut off at the midsection and he was a werewolf. [laughs] Something about it I loved and then I started to see stories in my head. The boxer was born and one of the other characters Omar draws, Rosie, she was born and now we have the video [for "Put a Flower In Your Pocket"] with the boxer.

"On top of that, when we were going to release our first song, the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight was coming up. We had two songs loosely based around boxing: One was "Stay In My Corner," which is a love song and then "Tomato Can," which is a hard-luck boxing tale. We thought it would just be fun to release a 45 on the day of the big fight, the fight of the century! That's what we did and we used Omar's artwork as the cover."

"Wow is news slow today?!" you're probably dying to post right now. (1) Yeah, pretty much, and (2) this is interesting to me, so you get to put up with that or ignore it or whatever.

Anyway, here's "Stay In My Corner":

And here's "Tomato Can":

Personally, I'm digging both tracks a lot. I like this whole vibe.

Also worth noting is that Auerbach bears a passing resemblance to Max Kellerman.

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