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ShoBox - Bryan vs Rossy: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

ShoBox returns with a tripleheader tonight a 11:00 pm EST.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight's ShoBox event from The D in Las Vegas, promoted by Don King, features a pair of heavyweight fights and a super middleweight co-feature, with Trevor Bryan taking on veteran Derric Rossy in the main event. BLH will be here with live coverage tonight at 11 EST.

Bryan (15-0, 11 KO) is a 6'4", 26-year-old heavyweight from Schenectady, New York, and is taking a step up against the battle-tested Rossy (30-9, 14 KO), a 35-year-old from Medford, New York, known as both "El León" and "The Shaolin Fist." Rossy has taken on the likes of Kubrat Pulev, Eddie Chambers, Vyacheslav Glazkov, and Fres Oquendo, and has been on the short end of some close calls, as well as pulling off a few solid wins in his time. Most recently, he beat then-undefeated Akhror Muralimov in February, and also beat Joe Hanks in 2014.

The super middleweight fight will feature Juan Ubaldo Cabrera (23-0, 15 KO) against Decarlo Perez (14-3-1, 5 KO), with the heavyweight opener pitting Natu Visinia (11-1, 9 KO) against Joey Dawejko (15-4-2, 8 KO).

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Trevor Bryan def. Derric Rossy by unanimous decision (97-92, 98-91, 98-91)

Decarlo Perez def. Juan Ubaldo Cabrera by unanimous decision (97-92, 98-91, 98-91)

Joey Dawejko def. Natu Visinia by TKO (1:15 of round 1)

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Round 1: WHOA! Rossy hurt and he's down in 30 seconds! Rossy trying to settle it down, and catches Bryan with a decent right hand. Bryan has sort of suckered Rossy into a brawl, which is not what Rossy does well normally. But he's also banging Bryan around now and testing his resolve. Rossy banging away! Bryan firing back! Good stuff. Bryan gets the 10-8 because the knockdown was totally legit, even though Rossy came back nicely. Bryan 10-8

Round 2: Rossy coming right at Bryan now, may feel as though Bryan doesn't like taking the shots, even though this is not Rossy's normal game. Rossy landing a right over the weak jab of Bryan. Bryan strays low, ref says nothing. Right hand Rossy. WHAM! Left hook clips Bryan and hurts him a bit. Bryan pins Rossy on the ropes, but the veteran tags him with another right hand. Very fast pace between two big dudes and it’s a million degrees in Vegas. Rossy 10-9, Bryan 19-18

Round 3: This is looking like it will be a war of attrition. Both guys taking the momentum now and then. Rossy throwing a lot of punches, but Bryan may have gotten the better shots in this round. Bryan 10-9, 29-27

Round 4: Interesting fight, both guys wilting but still giving big effort. Pace is slowing, as it had to or someone was going to pass right out. Close quarters fight now with Rossy breathing heavy and Bryan tapping away with short shots. Short right from Rossy. Liked Bryan again this round, though he landed more significant shots, even if they were sort of pit-a-pat a lot of the time. Bryan 10-9, 39-36

Round 5: Fight has definitely slowed down now. Rossy marching forward and Bryan picking him off some. Both guys clearly worn down but Rossy, while determined, definitely looks the more tired. Bryan with a good body shot, that could be a huge weapon if he sticks with it. Bryan 10-9, 49-45

Round 6: Bryan unloading this round and hurting Rossy. Fatigue has really set in and Rossy's legs are going. His heart is not, though. That was so romantical. Bryan 10-9, 59-54

Round 7: Slow but decent round made better by Bryan's trainer Stacy McKinley beating up his fighter and the cameraman in the corner after the round. Both guys really have nothing left anymore, Rossy especially. Bryan 10-9, 69-63

Round 8: Rossy's legs are gone. Bryan whiffing a lot now, too. Fight's gotten pretty ugly. Could have peaked a few rounds ago if it had ended. Just artistically or whatever. Bryan 10-9, 79-72

Round 9: Rossy has absolutely nothing left at this point. There’s a brave rally from Rossy. Nothing on it but lots of heart. Bryan easily wins another round. Rossy is all guts now. All he's doing is not getting dropped. Bryan 10-9, 89-81

Round 10: Rossy throws a bunch of shots at the end of the round when he hears there are a few seconds left but Bryan won another round. I thought he largely dominated the fight but Rossy was very brave. Bryan 10-9, 99-90


Round 1: Perez took this fight on short notice. Cabrera getting some decent shots in, defense is a little sloppy, but he's a 36 year old amateur fighter who dabbles in pro boxing, basically. Cabrera gets cut, which is ruled a punch. Cabrera 10-9

Round 2: Cabrera doesn't look entirely comfortable being cut. Sort of keeping an awkward distance to stay out of the wheelhouse here. Ugly fight. No grace at all. Wouldn't call this sweet OR science. Replays show it was a headbutt that caused the punch, pretty clearly. Shockingly Drakulich missed it. Cabrera 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Perez really struggling now and getting rocked around a bit. Cabrera beating up on him this round, may be wearing Perez down early. Cabrera 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Perez won this round. I'm half distracted doing other stuff for the site right now (late news tonight!) but Perez did win this round. Perez 10-9, Cabrera 39-37

Round 5: Tough round to call. Neither guy has much zip on their shots anymore, if they ever did, and there's not much to separate them here. Perez 10-9, Cabrera 48-47

Round 6: Perez takes another round. Just outworking Cabrera at this point. For a fitness trainer for the Dominican Army, Cabrera's fitness seems a little questionable. Of course it's also 100 degrees and there are TV lights everywhere so who am I to judge, this is a brutal way to fight. Perez 10-9, 57-57

Round 7: Cabrera loses a point this round, which could be really big. Perez totally dominating this round and making a clear statement for a swing in this fight. Cabrera makes a small rally, but then gets smacked with a good shot at the end of the round. Perez 10-9, -1 for Cabrera, Perez 67-65

Round 8: Cabrera trying to work a bit more, but getting hit with uppercuts pretty routinely, too. Perez just working away and keeping Cabrera unsure of himself. Perez continues to dictate this fight. He's in full control. Perez 10-9, 77-74

Round 9: Perez remains in control. Cabrera is just gassed out and has been for half the fight. Perez was more prepared for the weather, it would appear, as much as anything. Perez 10-9, 87-83

Round 10: Perez continues to land the power shots, particularly the uppercut. And totally outworking Cabrera all the way. He's the one making the fight go. If Cabrera gets the nod here, I'm going to faint at Don King putting his remaining muscle behind a 36 year old mediocre "prospect." Perez 10-9, 97-92


Round 1: Dawejko tags Visinia early with a chopping right hand, nearly sending him down. Visinia stays up but Dawejko is just smashing the crap out of him here. Russell Mora jumps in to give a standing eight count. He could have stopped the fight. And he has to almost as soon as it resumes, as Dawejko continues demolishing Visinia. Game over, man. Game over. Dawejko TKO-1

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