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McDonnell vs Kameda II: Fighters discuss PBC on CBS rematch

Jamie McDonnell and Tomoki Kameda give their thoughts on Sunday's rematch.

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"I have a great engine and I always come on strong in the back end of the fight. I think from round six on it was my fight. I started too slowly in the first fight but I worked hard and got the win."

"I can remember being on the floor and I didn't know how I got there. His speed and power is there and I went down. It proves that not everyone is invincible and if you get caught, you are going to go down. We've put some work in to counter that power and hopefully that will show on fight night."

"We knew he was going to be fast, he's the fastest I have ever faced. I got tagged with a right hand but in the rematch I know what to expect now. I've sparred against a lad that throws his right hand like Kameda does so I know how to keep out of range for that.

"I feel I am hitting harder. I've been working on my power in the gym and I feel it's going to pay off. I'm always in great shape and I've been flying in the gym. I am really looking forward to this one."

"I loved being in America for the last fight and doing the afternoon show. We've been to Texas before now and it was a great time so I am happy to be back here and I know what to expect. We've brought Ryan Burnett out here to Corpus Christi to spar for the full fortnight, plus my wife, daughter and brother Gavin are all out here with me again."

"I think it will be a fast paced fight. I started too slowly last time and I don't want that to happen again. I believe I will stop him late.. I took him into the trenches last time but I didn't put it on him enough. I think I will make a big statement."


"I definitely think I won the first fight. I landed the much harder punches and built up enough of an early lead, but the judges saw what they saw. It was a close fight and I know I can change the outcome this time."

"I have a completely different team now with Ismael Salas and Angel Heredia and ‘Stich' Duran as cut man. I feel much better going into this fight with better sparring and preparation and it will show in the fight. Salas has a great game plan and I can't wait to perform it.

"McDonnell is tall, so getting inside his jab took some extra work. He's a good veteran but I will show I'm the superior fighter once again."

"I will look to prepare shots to score points and be victorious. If the knockout comes, I will take it. Most important is to get the victory and we will do what we have to do to win. I will not let him back in the fight later on. This time I will start strong and finish him and not let off the gas until I am champion again."

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