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Perez vs Mikhalyenko: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

HBO Latino is back in the mix tonight, with a Golden Boy triple-header featuring some solid prospects in action against good tests.

Golden Boy Promotions
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 10:30 pm EST on HBO Latino, Golden Boy presents a triple-header from the familiar Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California, headlined by a 12-round welterweight main event between Johan Perez and Dmitry Mikhalyenko.

Perez (20-2-1, 13 KO) is a 32-year-old Venezuelan with wins over Steve Forbes, Yoshihiro Kamegai, and Paul Spadafora, and losses to Mauricio Herrera and Pablo Cesar Cano, both at 140 pounds. Mikhalyenko (19-0, 8 KO) is a 29-year-old Russian who has only gone a 12-round distance once in his pro career, and has mostly fought at home, where he was largely matched easy. Since coming overseas, he has beaten veterans Sechew Powell and Ronald Cruz in fights at 154 pounds.

Also in action will be Cuban super bantamweight Yoandris Salinas (21-1-2, 14 KO), who faces unbeaten Manuel Avila (17-0, 7 KO) in a 10-round fight. Salinas went to a draw with Scott Quigg in October 2013, but was stopped in five rounds by club fighter Enrique Quevedo in his next fight. He won his last bout on April 11, but it's tough to know what to make of the 29-year-old "El Nino" right now. Avila, 23, is a good looking prospect looking to take the next step and become a potential contender.

25-year-old southpaw super featherweight Tevin Farmer (19-4-1, 4 KO) will also be in action, as the Philly fighter takes on Daulis Prescott (30-2, 22 KO), a 28-year-old Colombian who has built his record mostly against lousy competition. His losses came to Gabriel Tolmajyan in 2011 and Nicholas Walters in 2012.

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Dmitry Mikhalyenko def. Johan Perez by TKO (1:21 of round 8)

Manuel Avila def. Yoandris Salinas by TKO (retired - 3:00 of round 6)

Tevin Farmer def. Daulis Prescott by TKO (0:52 of round 8)

* * * * *



Round 1: Mikhalyenko aggressive to start this fight, coming to Perez and throwing his hands. Jab to the body, then a right hand to the side of the body from Mikhalyenko. Perez looking to stay away, and blocks a hard left hook from Mikhalyenko, who misses a wild right just after. Mikhalyenko letting both hands go and lands a couple shots with Perez retreating to the ropes again. Perez goes back to mid-ring and tries to work his jab. Mikhalyenko 10-9

Round 2: The raw aggression of Mikhalyenko is winning this fight right now, even if he's not landing a ton of clean shots. He's making Perez uncomfortable. He's mixing up his punches nicely and moving well, giving Perez fits. Mikhalyenko 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Perez looking to work more, which is just getting him tagged more by Mikhalyenko to the body. Mikhalyenko and Perez trading shots down the stretch of this round. Neither doing any significant damage, I don't think, but Mikhalyenko's body shots could pile up if he stays with them. Mikhalyenko 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Mikhalyenko not afraid to take shots to get his in. Perez picking it up, too. Fun fight. Mikhalyenko 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: This one's getting bloody, as both guys are cut. Perez is losing the more blood, but he got the better of this round by going southpaw and confusing Mikhalyenko a little bit. Perez 10-9, Mikhalyenko 49-46

Round 6: Perez stays southpaw, but Mikhalyenko really crowding him again to start this round. More two-way action this round. Perez starting to show signs of fatigue, perhaps. Good left hook from Mikhalyenko late in the round, but Perez just wars right back. Mikhalyenko 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: Perez goes back right handed. Not a great decision, as it turns out. Mikhalyenko takes another round like he had been earlier in the night. Mikhalyenko 10-9, 69-64

Round 8: Mikhalyenko starts this round just firing tons of shots at Perez, really letting his hands go to an almost absurd degree. Perez getting hurt now, and he's losing his footing. Referee taking a close look as Mikhalyenko batters Perez in the corner. Perez bleeding from the nose now, and maybe the mouth. Mikhalyenko just totally smashing Perez, and Ray Corona steps in to stop it. Mikhalyenko TKO-8


Round 1: Liked Avila this round. But barely. Not a lot to separate them. Avila 10-9

Round 2: Down goes Salinas about halfway into the round! Back up, and now it's a firefight between the two! Avila unloading, Salinas standing his ground and firing back because he has to, basically. The rest of the round slows down a bit. Avila 10-8, 20-17

Round 3: Good right hand from Salinas, and then a left hook. He may have Avila just a bit shaken, but Avila shows nothing and fires back. So probably not! Or maybe not? I don't know! I'm not Avila! Nice bounce-back round for Salinas. Salinas 10-9, Avila 29-27

Round 4: HARDRIGHTHAND! from Salinas, Avila eats it pretty well. Salinas seems to be finding his comfort zone now. Salinas has come back really nicely in this fight and he's getting to Avila. Salinas 10-9, Avila 38-37

Round 5: A minute into this round, Avila stings Salinas just a bit again, and now he's getting aggressive. Good right hand again shakes Salinas just a bit. Salinas now consistently tying Avila up and leading with his head, crashing into Avila's chest and chin. Avila 10-9, 48-46

Round 6: Avila takes another round, and after it looks like Salinas has retired from the fight, likely due to a hand injury. So it's over. Avila RTD-6


Round 1: Feeling out for the first couple minutes before Farmer cracks Prescott with a nice left hand. Another one lands, and then there's a slip by Prescott, which gives him a valuable moment to recover somewhat. Prescott just off with a couple of straight right hands. Farmer 10-9

Round 2: Farmer looks to have a lot of confidence now, as he's moving in quicker and targeting some power shots to the body and head. Hard counter left just misses, Prescott lucky it did. Jab to the body from Prescott, who keeps working around the ring with his back to the ropes. Farmer with a flurry, lands at least one body shot in there. Swinging lefts are short from Farmer. Left down the pipe from Farmer gets through, as does another. Pot shot uppercut from Farmer. Prescott having trouble doing anything offensively to this point. Prescott finally gets just a bit done late in the round. Farmer 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Farmer taking another round with better, more consistent work, and punctuates the round with a good flurry at the end. Farmer's speed is really giving Prescott problems. Farmer 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: It feels overdue, but down goes Prescott with about 30 seconds left in another round that Farmer is pretty much dominating. Farmer targets the body with hard shots after Prescott gets to his feet, and then Prescott dips to the canvas on a slip, but referee Ray Corona can't get in there, and Prescott just gets back up. Round ends. Farmer 10-8, 40-35

Round 5: Farmer coming out VERY aggressive in round five, just whaling away at Prescott with both hands. Prescott looks overwhelmed and overmatched in this fight. Farmer slows it down but continues landing nice, clean shots, and banging away at the body. Left down the pipe, right hook to the body follows. Farmer 10-9, 50-44

Round 6: Farmer out super aggressive again, and Prescott, to his credit, lets his hands go, too, attempting to catch Farmer with something big. Prescott down again! But Farmer loses a point for hitting Prescott while he was down, too. Prescott taking his full 5. Prescott needed 5 minutes for that mild contact like I need more pizza in my diet. Farmer 10-8, -1 for Farmer, 59-52

Round 7: Another round where Prescott looks disinterested in mixing it up with Farmer unless forced to do so by some Farmer flurry. Farmer 10-9, 69-61

Round 8: Down goes Prescott for a third time! And Ray Corona stops it. Big performance from Tevin Farmer. Farmer TKO-8

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