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Keith Thurman on Mayweather-Berto: 'I wouldn't pay for it, but that's on you'

Keith Thurman gave some unfiltered thoughts on Floyd Mayweather's choice of Andre Berto as his next opponent.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Keith "One Time" Thurman badly wanted the September 12 fight with Andre Berto. As an emerging top contender in the welterweight division, a charismatic, undefeated, young and in-prime fighter, Thurman would have been hailed as a far better choice than a past-prime Berto, who has gone just 3-3 in his last six fights.

But Thurman, 26, told that he understands why this happened.

"What I've come to acknowledge is that Floyd Mayweather is in a very special position in his career where he has more power than anyone else in the sport of boxing. ... He's focused on the money and he wants to make history -- not in the way I want to make history -- but he wants to make history on numbers and numbers alone. So once again, enjoy ‘The Money Show.' I wouldn't pay for the next fight but that's on you."

Thurman also believes that Mayweather's ability to generate revenue turns networks into yes-men for the pound-for-pound king.

"He has so much power, the networks don't have the gusto. They love the revenue, they love the money he brings in. So everyone says, ‘Yes sir, Mayweather sir. We love you sir.' They accommodate Floyd and as long as they are going to do that."

None of what Thurman (26-0, 22 KO) is saying rings untrue, nor does it come off like a complaint, necessarily. He's just stating what he believes to be the truth behind the Mayweather-Berto fight, and the power that Mayweather wields as the sport's top money draw.

Mayweather's camp have suggested that Thurman face Errol Spence Jr (17-0, 14 KO), another rising star in the welterweight division.

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