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Amir Khan: Mayweather won't be remembered as a great fighter

Amir Khan had some choice words for Mayweather after the undefeated boxer challenged him to avenge his loss to Danny Garcia.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

At his recent press conference, held to publicize an upcoming "retirement" fight against Andre Berto, Floyd Mayweather was asked about some of the other, more competitive options out there, namely Amir Khan. Mayweather dismissed Khan as a relevant opponent, saying that he could only earn a shot at the Mayweather jackpot by avenging his 2012 loss to Danny Garcia.

Khan, who has gone 5-0 since that defeat, gave Sky Sports his opinion of Mayweather's comments. "He's just putting all these obstacles in front of me, because he knows that obviously I'm a big threat to him.

"Work it out. Look at my last few opponents and he's fighting Berto, no disrespect to Berto, who is a friend of mine, but obviously there are levels in boxing. I think he's just being a little childish and he knows that Amir Khan will give him a tough fight and he's kind of avoiding it."

After proposing that he might have to seek a fight with Manny Pacquiao, who was defeated by Mayweather in his last fight, Khan made no bones about his perception of Mayweather as a fighter:

""I think even though Mayweather is a great champion, I don't think he will be remembered as a great fighter because if he's not fighting the top guys then he's waiting until they get old when he knows the guys in front of him would give him problems. He's cherry picking his fights."

Mayweather is scheduled to face Andre Berto September 12th.

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