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Zab Judah's return fight in jeopardy after weigh-in tussle

Zab Judah and opponent Hevinson Herrera couldn't wait until fight night to mix it up, and a scrap before the weigh-in is leaving his comeback fight in question.

Al Bello/Getty Images

In something that apparently hasn't been completely staged, Zab Judah was prepared to make his ring return tomorrow against Hevinson Herrera - well, at least he was before the two men got into a scuffle prior to yesterday's weigh-in leaving the fight in jeopardy.

"They were filling out medical paperwork in a room together and supposedly they got into an argument and Herrera stepped to Zab," said Greg Cohen, who is promoting the bout.

"Herrera doesn't even speak English so I can't even tell you what they were arguing about," Cohen added.

I guess Herrera didn't win the scrap because Cohen is saying that he has pulled out of the fight complaining of an injured jaw. Now Cohen is running around trying to find a replacement opponent at the last minute.

As a matter of fact, maybe this whole thing was staged too. Who really knows with all the circus acts going on in this business.

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