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PBC on Spike - Stevenson vs Karpency: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Adonis Stevenson takes on Tommy Karpency tonight at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto.

Tonight at 9:00 pm EST on Spike, PBC is back with a doubleheader from Toronto, as light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson returns for another underwhelming defense against Tommy Karpency, and welterweight prospect Errol Spence Jr takes a step up in the co-feature.

Stevenson (26-1, 21 KO) will be making the sixth defense of the crown he lifted from Chad Dawson in 2013, and to say it hasn't been the title reign anyone would have hoped for would be an understatement. He's yet to face anyone considered a true top contender, and Karpency (25-4-1, 14 KO) is no more than a fringe contender at best.

Spence (17-0, 14 KO) is the blue-chip 147-pounder from the 2012 U.S. Olympic team, a southpaw technician with power who has looked very good thus far as a professional. He'll be facing South Africa's Chris van Heerden (23-1-1, 12 KO), a fellow southpaw, and a nice next step for the 25-year-old Spence.

Connor will be handling the round-by-round duties tonight, so join him!


Adonis Stevenson defeats Tommy Karpency by TKO (referee stoppage) at 0:21 of Round 3

Prichard Colon defeats Vivian Harris by KO at 1:03 of Round 4

Errol Spence defeats Chris Van Heerden by TKO (referee stoppage) at 0:50 of Round 8



Adonis Stevenson vs Tommy Karpency

Round 1: Stevenson flashes that tricky southpaw jab of his, and Karpency quickly charges in with a right hand. Stevenson slips and counters with a nice short left before pivoting out of the corner. A few more seconds of feinting and jabbing, and Karpency tries for another bullrush; misses again, and Stevenson snakes in a straight left hand. Overhand left from Stevenson misses. Karpency gets in with a hard left hand over the top, and goes for another, but Stevenson counters with a pivoting left of his own that buckles Karpency's knees. Stevenson back to his feinting and jabbing, trying to draw Karpency in for another counter. 10-9 Stevenson

Round 2: Stevenson jabs to the body, and backs off on an angle when Karpency thinks about a counter. Karpency tries for a long right hook and finds nothing but air. Stevenson throws back, but Karpency gets in with a nice left hand on the break. Hard left hand from Stevenson in response. They circle, and there's another solid punch from Karpency. He's certainly game, and making a great account of himself against the lineal champion here. Karpency misses on a wide left hand and Stevenson just misses with a counter uppercut. Solid jab from Karpency. He looks to counter Stevenson's next jab with a short left, and throws himself off balance with a big miss. Stevenson sneaks in a hard left, and a right hook to follow. There's another left just before the bell, and Karpency is down! He makes it up at eight, and that's the round. 10-8 Stevenson, 20-17

Round 3: Stevenson comes out swinging and sends Karpency immediately back to the canvas. Karpency beats the count, but the referee takes a look in his eyes and calls this thing off. Goodness.

Vivian Harris vs Prichard Colon

Round 1: Colon starts the action off with a very quick up-jab. And another. And another. He's got Harris jumping already, and he rolls smoothly under a counter left hook. Colon feinting and looking for openings, and he nearly bowls himself over running into Harris, perhaps expecting him to step back. Sharp counter jab from Colon snaps Harris' head back as he steps back from a missed jab of his own. Nice feint from Colon sets up a clean left hook around Harris' raised right glove. Colon misses on another hook, and that's the round. 10-9 Colon

Round 2: Colon comes out with that jab again, and Harris quickly slips it and counters with a left hook, just a bit wide of the mark. Nice double jab from Harris. Colon comes back with a tricky lead right, and they tie up. Nice body shot from Harris after another slipped jab. Harris parries a right to the body, but Colon follows up quickly and leads with an overhand right to the head that seems to stagger Harris momentarily. Harris remains patient, but he's going to need to start unleashing some more counters sometime very soon, or he'll end up giving away the fight. And there's a nice counter right as Colon steps in with a combination to end the round on a high note for the veteran Harris. 10-9 Colon, 20-18

Round 3: Harris comes out pawing with his jab, and counters Colon with a long left hook. And another. And he looks for another, this one missing. Colon needs to be careful about running into those. Now Colon counters Harris' jab with a nice left hook that knocks him back on his heels. Colon nearly sits Harris down with a very stiff jab. Right hand to the body from Colon. Colon is looking to walk Harris backward so far, keeping him on the end of his jab until he feels comfortable jumping in with power shots. Harris is once again waiting too much. Good left uppercut  from Colon. 10-9 Colon, 30-27

Round 4: Harris ups the volume with his jab once again to start this round, but Colon's ready with the counter, and he rocks Harris with a hard 1-2. Wide right hand from Colon, and Harris is badly hurt. Too hurt to cover up, even, and he goes down in the corner! That's it!

Errol Spence Jr. vs Chris van Heerden

Round 1: Spence comes stalking out of the corner, Van Heerden circling around at the ropes and measuring with his jab. Spence plants a few jabs in Van Heerden's gut. A few jabs upstairs from Spence and then a hard short left hand. Van Heerden looks to counter and misses as Spence pulls back. Van Heerden moves and looks for openings, but finds nothing. Spence traps him against the ropes for a moment and jumps in with a hard 1-2 down the middle. Spence feinting and jabbing to end the round. 10-9 Spence

Round 2: Van Heerden looks to up the pressure early this round, and gets in with an overhand left as Spence steps back. Spence steps back in, and Van Heerden gets home with a couple of hard right hooks to the bread basket. Spence steps back from a clinch and resumes his own body attack, stabbing Van Heerden with his jab. He lands another upstairs, and uses the distraction to sneak in a right hook to the body. Short left to the head of Van Heerden. They trade right hooks to the body. Spence walks off-line with a right hook and smashes a looping left into Van Heerden's jaw. Van Heerden shelling up now, and Spence sneaks in shots around his guard. Jab upstairs. Right hook to the ribs. Double jab and Van Heerden eats a stiff left hand that buckles his knees. 10-9 Spence, 20-18

Round 3: Both men trade body shots again, with Van Heerden getting the better of the action. Spence to the body, Van Heerden answers with power. Spence barely misses on a homerun left hand. And another--this one countered by Van Heerden. Vicious left uppercut downstairs by Spence, and shortly after he lands one to the chin of his shelled up opponent. Van Heerden is starting to look overwhelmed in there. He clinches for a breather. Spence lets up and looks for openings, and Van Heerden sneaks in a hook downstairs. Spence pushes him back into the ropes and whales away at the body, while Van Heerden beckons him on. Spence is looping his left hand around the right glove of Van Heerden now to take advantage of his high guard. Van Heerden barges forward and attacks with a series of hooks to the body, but it's not enough to change the tide. 10-9 Spence, 30-27

Round 4: Spence is the aggressor once again, as Van Heerden looks to evade and counter. Spene's answer to the movement is to jab the body. Van Heerden ties up Spence's left arm and he responds by slugging away with the right, connecting with Van Heerden's body. Overhand left from Spence, and Van Heerden might be a bit staggered, but he goes back to the body and fights his way off the ropes. Van Heerden loses his mouthpiece for the second time this fight, and the referee deducts a point. Ouch. Van Heerden tries to compensate by going on the offensive, but he can't hide his punches from Spence, who blocks and parries with ease. Spence jabs downstairs and follows up with an uppercut as Van Heerden folds in half. Hard left from Spence, but Van Heerden comes right back, landing three times to the body. 10-8 Spence, 40-35

Round 5: Van Heerden comes out with a busy jab, but Spence makes himself a hard target. Van Heerden gets walked back into the corner and Spence goes to work with uppercuts, sneaking a few through Van Heerden's guard and snapping his head back. Van Heerden gets about twenty seconds of ineffective work before Spence wheels him into the ropes again and lands yet another hard uppercut. Right hook from Spence, and Van Heerden seemed to stagger again, perhaps just off-balance. Van Heerden blocks a few from Spence and responds with hooks to the body, both of them blocked. Van Heerden's got Spence against the ropes now, and he sneaks a few machine-gun punches in upstairs. 10-9 Spence, 50-44

Round 6: Spence keeps Van Heerden on the end of his jab for the first minute of the round, shooting it up and down to keep him off balance. Van Heerden tires of it and marches Spence down with a solid combination of straight punches, landing a shift right to the jaw. Nice right hook by Van Heerden, and another one to the body of Errol Spence. Spence jabs Van Heerden back into the ropes. He covers up, eats a few partial shots around and through the gloves, and then drops his hands, shaking his head and waggling his hips at Spence. Spence backs off momentarily and Van Heerden follows, pushing forward behind his jab. Van Heerden ends the round hanging his hands by his waist and mocking Spence. 10-9 Spence, 60-53

Round 7: Hard shots to the body from Spence, and a vicious left uppercut as Van Heerden marches forward. Van Heerden gets backed into the ropes again, and eats shot after shot around the beltline. Unmoved, he drops his hands again and asks for more. I think he even pulled an Ali, holding onto the ropes and flailing away with his free hand. Nothing doing, though, and Spence is soon back on him with a renewed body attack. Spence waits for Van Heerden to throw counters and then counters those counters with hard right hooks and left uppercuts. Van Heerden shells up and turns away, and Spence sends him to the canvas with a vicious straight left behind the ear. Spence goes back to the body, sending Van Heerden down again with a hard left uppercut to the belly. Van Heerden turns his back, hearing the clapper and thinking it's the bell, and Spence chases after him, almost getting in some shots before the round ends. 10-7 Spence, 70-60

Round 8: Van Heerden's not interested in stopping. He charges out of the corner swinging, and actually knocks Spence's mouthpiece out. Spence puts it back in, comes roaring back, and swings away at a shelled up Van Heerden until the referee wisely calls off the fight.

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