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Mayweather vs Berto: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Floyd Mayweather takes to the ring for what he says is the final time tonight against Andre Berto.

Tonight at 8:00 pm, BLH will be here with live round by round coverage of the Floyd Mayweather-Andre Berto pay-per-view, a four-fight bill that features three world title fights from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

In the main event, it's Mayweather (48-0, 26 KO) taking on Berto (30-3, 23 KO) in what is widely perceived to be a rather gross mismatch, and is being sold as the final fight of Mayweather's Hall of Fame-bound career. The veteran pound-for-pound king is the overwhelming favorite in this fight, with Berto not perceived as any sort of legitimate threat. But it's a Floyd Mayweather fight, which makes it an event.

The undercard features a pair of world title fights with closer odds. WBO super featherweight titleholder Rocky Martinez (29-2-2, 17 KO) will face Orlando Salido (42-13-2, 29 KO) in a rematch of their April 4 bout, which Martinez won to take the belt. Badou Jack (19-1-1, 12 KO) will make the first defense of his WBC super middleweight title against George Groves (21-2, 16 KO), with Groves actually the favorite to win. The PPV opener will see Jhonny Gonzalez (58-9, 49 KO) face Jonathan Oquendo (25-4, 16 KO) in a 10-round super featherweight fight.

Connor Ruebusch will be handling the round by round duties tonight. Join him for what may be the final Floyd Mayweather fight ever!


Floyd Mayweather defeats Andre Berto by Unanimous Decision (117-111, 118-110, 120-108)

Orlando Salido and Rocky Martinez go to Split Draw (113-115, 115-113, 114-114)

Badou Jack defeats George Groves by Split Decision (113-114, 115-112, 116-111)

Jonathan Oquendo defeats Johny Gonzalez by Majority Decision (94-94, 95-93, 98-90)


Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto

Round 1: Aggressive start by Mayweather standards. Berto's a sitting duck for Floyd's first two jabs, and there's the trademark jab to the body. Berto looks for the jab himself and gets his shoulder in the way of Floyd's counter right. Mayweather backing off now, but shooting in a body jab as Berto comes forward. Old school left hook from Floyd. Body jab again. Berto's not getting much done, waiting on Floyd and throwing occasional jabs. Berto ties Floyd's left arm up and Mayweather goes to town with a few light right hands to the body. Mayweather in the corner, but he slides effortlessly under Berto's left arm and ties him up. Mayweather tries for a hook and Berto gets his glove up in time. Berto narrowly misses a counter right, and he looks like he's getting energized as the bell rings. 10-9 Mayweather

Round 2: Berto gets off first this round, missing on a jab and then on two more as Floyd ties him up. Floyd getting backed into the ropes, and he lands a short hook as Berto loads up to strike. Floyd framing and working well in the clinch. Mayweather seems to be backing into the ropes willingly now, daring Berto to throw, and Andre is still too tentative to get much done. Berto sticking to Floyd like glue in the clinch, with Floyd trying to prise him off and punch. Body jab from Floyd; Berto misses on the counter. Nice effort on a right hand from Berto, but Floyd rolls under. Berto throwing more now as Floyd eggs him on. Misses two right hands and Floyd spins out of the corner to land a flashy right just before the bell. 10-9 Mayweather, 20-18

Round 3: Berto starts things off aggressively in this frame, but Floyd counters his flurry with a nice jab. Berto gets in a jab of his own as Floyd pivots away, and there was a body jab. Looks for the right hand as Floyd backs into the corner and narrowly misses. Triple jab from Berto, and Mayweather answers with a 11-2, with neither man landing clean. Mayweather just waiting and making Berto miss now. Gets in a decent jab and circles away. For the second time Berto wraps up Mayweather's head and Floyd punches him casually in the side. Slip by Mayweather and the crowd goes wild. Bayless is all over it, though, and they're back to work. Floyd evades another Berto combo, ties Andre up, and sneaks in a nice left hook. 10-9 Mayweather, 30-27

Round 4: Good body jab from Berto, and Mayweather scoffs as Andre clinches and shoves him into the ropes. Berto's happy to throw now, though, and he's got Floyd against the ropes. Glancing right hand, mostly avoided by Floyd. Mayweather breaks away and gets back to his jab. Back to the clinch, and Mayweather goes back to the right hook downstairs. Nice framing by Floyd in the clinch now, and he gets in a good right uppercut to the body. Good straight right by Floyd in center ring. Berto comes back twice as hard, but Floyd casually dodges his every punch. 10-9 Mayweather, 40-36

Round 5: Virgil Hunter was all fired up in the corner of Andre Berto. Let's see if that makes a difference. Berto runs face-first into Floyd's elbow, and then a light right hand. Berto driving Mayweather into the ropes again, and there he actually gets in a few body shots. Floyd responds in kind. Berto back into the clinch and Floyd drives in two right uppercuts to the belly. Bit of a low blow from Floyd there and Berto's not happy about it. Floyd apologizes by way of a jab to the body. Crisp counter jab from Floyd there. Change of direction, and he runs Berto into another stiff jab. Floyd's having fun now as Berto chases after him. Another jab from Floyd and Berto can't help but throw everything into a 1-2 that Floyd evades with ease. 10-9 Mayweather, 50-45

Round 6: Berto back in with a double jab and a decent left hook behind it. There's another nice jab from Andre, and Floyd's forced to throw back with authority. Clean jab from Berto, and he's coming forward even more aggressively. Floyd replies with three clean, hard shots to Berto's ribs. Glancing left uppercut from Mayweather, and he pounds away with that right hand in the clinch. Mayweather's back on his jab, punishing Berto as he comes forward. Berto predicts a Mayweather slip with a decent left hook to the head. Nice jab from Berto there as Floyd pivots. Berto's putting his punches together much better now, and there's a decent enough left hook. And another one, more glancing. Floyd rolls low and Berto slides a straight right across the back of his head. 10-9 Berto, 59-55

Round 7: Mayweather right back in the corner, and he gets in a nice body shot as Berto tries for a left hook. Short right from Floyd makes Berto jump a bit. Floyd frames in the clinch again and Berto gets a short right over the top of his forearm, but Mayweather just plugs away at the body. Berto's showing off his speed, but he just can't disguise his intentions well enough to land consistently. Both men ineffective in a clinch for about thirty seconds. Berto's activity is better than nothing, but he's struggling to get to Floyd still. Decent left hook from Berto, but Floyd pivots out of danger and backs him off with a few perfunctory punches. 10-9 Mayweather, 69-64

Round 8: Berto chasing Floyd down, and he runs into a hard jab. There's a pair of glancing jabs from Berto, and they're back in the clinch, quickly separated by Kenny Bayless. Body jab by Floyd. Left uppercut up the middle. Berto tags him with a tapping jab, and Floyd starts to play with him in the clinch. Two short punches and he spins right out of the clinch and off the ropes. Now Mayweather's taunting Berto, cakewalking around the perimeter of the ring with his hands at his waist. Berto gets in a jab. There's another, and Floyd is back to his stance, though not looking anym more impressed. Berto counters with a glancing hook and eats a hard body jab for his troubles. 10-9 Mayweather, 79-73

Round 9: Berto blinds Floyd with a good jab and lands a right hand downstairs followed by a short straight left to Floyd's chin. Back to the ropes, and Floyd's not throwing much in response. He lands an uppercut on the inside and Berto gets in a left hook to the body. Missed hook from Floyd and Berto sneaks in a pair of rights to the ribs. Flurry from Berto, but nothing getting in. Berto's throwing everything full-power and he's not stopping, you've got to give him that. Floyd with a right uppercut and a jab to the body, but Berto's right back into the clinch. Chopping right from Berto. Both fighters talking trash as Bayless warns them about roughhousing. Floyd responds with some power, adn Berto doesn't back down, getting in a punch just after Floyd does. Floyd gives up his back in the clinch and Berto throws him into the ropes at the bell. Good stuff! 10-9 Berto, 88-83 Mayweather

Round 10: Floyd complained of a hurt left hand in the corner, but he's not shy about throwing it here. Berto's not shy about throwing either hand, for that matter, but he can't seem to land anything clean with Mayweather in the corner. Jab from Berto. Both men are talking to one another now. Bayless warns them both, and seems this close to taking a point from both men, though talking trash shouldn't be a problem. Right hand to the body from Berto. Triple jab from Berto, but Floyd counters with a better one of his own. Berto gets in a sharp jab in the corner, though. Floyd's back to taunting and strolling around the ring. Berto does his best Maidana impression against the ropes but lands nothing but a glancing right hook to the body. 10-9 Berto, 97-93 Mayweather

Round 11: Virgil Hunter tells Berto that he's only down one round. It's not true, but Berto comes out hard like he believes it. Nasty left hook from Floyd there, and Berto stepped back blinking for a moment. Floyd using that vicious forearm in the clinch again and Berto's complaining. Looks like Mayweather's back in the mood to fight, and he snaps Berto's head back with a beauty of a left uppercut. Double jab by Berto. They're back in the clinch, and Floyd is doing his best Jack Johnson, smiling and talking to the crowd while he holds Berto close. Duo of body punches from Floyd, and a nice left hook upstairs to follow up. Mayweather's beckoning to the crowd and they cheer for his bravado. Beautiful pull counter from Mayweather, and he walks Berto into a right hand counter. Berto gets in a nice hook before the bell. 10-9 Mayweather, 107-102

Round 12: Both men show sportsmanship and hug at the start of the round, but Berto's right back on that aggressive jab as soon as they separate. He gets in one or two, and does a little dirty forearm framing of his own in the clinch. Floyd with a left hook and a right hook, both blocked. Body jab by Berto. Floyd laying on the ropes and letting Berto miss. Nice left hook by Floyd, and a pair of uppercuts as Berto falls into the clinch. Berto with a glancing jab as Floyd throws. Floyd gets in a good uppercut again, and then a short right. Berto may have been a bit wobbled, and he holds for time. Berto runs right into Floyd's forearms and gets shoved back for a left hook. Left uppercut by Floyd, and he ends the round dancing around the ring. 10-9 Mayweather, 117-111

Rocky Martinez vs Orlando Salido

Round 1: Salido in on the body with a nice right hand. Martinez circles away, working his jab, and lands a nice left hook on the ear of Salido. Martinez is moving nicely, giving Salido some difficulty in cutting him off, and landing his jab as he pivots and sidesteps around the ring. Salido steps in under a jab and throws a few pinging shots to the body in the clinch. Nice left hook to the body from Martinez. And there's a good jab followed by a right uppercut from Rocky. Saildo gets clinched in the corner and gets rough, throwing Martinez into the ropes. Martinez moving well still, and he ends the round with a good hook while Salido lands a right hand to the hip. 10-9 Martinez

Round 2: Lots of aggression from Salido to start, but Martinez is using his left hook really well to punish Salido as he moves backward. Salido lands a hard overhand right. And there's another one, less clean that the first. Big left hook from Salido as Martinez steps back, partially blocked. Martinez's jab isn't there as much anymore, and Salido steps right into the pocket to land a trio of body shots. Another left to the body from Salido. Martinez gets his jab back out there again, and the left hook as well. Salido's putting his punches together nicely now, though, and making Martinez think. Martinez strings together a rote combination and Salido blocks every punch, chases after Martinez and lands a body blow. Martinez comes forward, but lands nothing. 10-9 Salido, 19-19

Round 3: Salido's very aggressive to start once again. Vicious right hand from Salido, but Martinez answers with a right. Salido trips Martinez, and referee Vic Drakulich inexplicably, but not surprisingly, calls it a knockdown. Salido strings together some nice combinations, but Martinez is keeping his head, and he lands a good short right in counter. Martinez is blocking these body shots now. Martinez lands a jab and shoves Salido down, and yet Drakulich calls that a knockdown too. So... I guess they're even on non-knockdowns? Salido does seem to have lost a little spice now, however, and Martinez ends the round chasing after him. 10-9 Martinez, 29-28

Round 4: (Scott filling in this round) Salido gets cracked with a straight right early in this round, with his legs buckling but he doesn't drop. Martinez and Salido keep up the pace, with Salido battling back and chasing Martinez around the ring. Really a closer round than it appeared it was going to be early, with Salido taking punishment but also applying near-constant pressure. That one big right hand that hurt Salido may have ultimately been the difference, though. 10-9 Martinez, 39-37

Round 5: (And I'm back!) Salido comes back strong this round, landing some thudding right hands upstairs and equally vicious left hooks to the body. Salido trades left hooks with Martinez and gets the better of it. Martinez bending over now, eating left hooks upstairs and body shots without answer. Salido's got the range he wants now. Martinez's jab is nonexistent, and he's too close to use it anyway. Nice left hook from Martinez to end the round, but it wasn't enough. 10-9 Salido, 48-47 Martinez

Round 6: Salido's the one jabbing to start off this round, and following it with a hard right hand. Martinez finds himself trapped in the corner and Salido buries his head in Martinez's chest and goes to work with shoeshine body punches. Brutal double left hook to the body from Salido. Martinez is definitely slowing down from all of this body work. Another left downstairs from Salido, and he follows up to the jaw as Martinez bends over to absorb it. Martinez puts his jab out there and finds Salido, but Salido simply runs him into the ropes again. Martinez lands a right hand to the top of Salido's head. Not much on it. Martinez ends the round with a petulant punch after the bell. 10-9 Salido, 57-57

Round 7: Salido ties up and Martinez punches after the referee asks for a break, promting an offended look from Orlando. Salido back in on the body, and Martinez can only shell up and hope to absorb the worst of it. Hard short right from Salido. Martinez tries his jab but he's moving very slowly now. There's a decent uppercut from Martinez, but Salido folds him in half with a body jab right after. Right hook, left uppercut landing clean for Salido. Martinez is back into the pocket and Salido sneaks a left hook around to his ribs, followed by a left uppercut on the chin. 10-9 Salido, 67-66

Round 8: Some nice short punches to start from Martinez, but Salido just throws right back and lands a good uppercut. Drakulich warns Salido about punching low, though for once it didn't look that bad. Martinez traps Salido in the corner now, and Orlando simply throws his left uppercut over and over until Martinez backs off. Salido with a left hook to the liver and Martinez shells up, hurt. He got in some decent punches in the corner but now he's completely on the defensive. Salido throws a candy cane hook to the body as Martinez bends down. Good uppercut from Salido and another body shot. Martinez with a body blow of his own. Salido's looking quick on his feet while Martinez is barely keeping up. 10-9 Salido, 77-75

Round 9: Salido with the body work yet again, though Martinez responds with a decent left hook upstairs. Salido picks Martinez's head up with a right uppercut, and chases after him withs a series of 1-2s. Martinez has no choice but to accept the in-fight now, but Salido's out-fighting him everywhere. Good combination up and down from Salido as Martinez tries to step back, and he falls back into the clinch to accept another hard shot to the liver. Uppercuts land one after the other for Salido. Most of these aren't particularly hard, but Martinez is just taking it all. There's a nice lever punching combo from Martinez, tripling up with the left hook. Still Salido answers, and drives Martinez into the corner to end the round. But Martinez isn't done, and he finishes the frame swinging away! 10-9 Salido, 87-84

Round 10: Three left hooks from Salido, one landing to the body. Martinez pushing him back, though. He gets Salido in the corner and goes to town, landing a hard right hook upstairs. Salido tugs his head down and throws his head through the ropes with a trio of punches after it. Body shot from Salido, and they're back in center ring. Salido's back on the ropes, but Martinez doesn't have the pop to do anything with it, and eats a hard left hook to the jaw. Both men are tiring now, but Salido's still got more in the tank. Martinez comes forward and misses a combo of punches. Salido blocking everything, but Martinez is actually throwing enough to prevent the counter. Martinez rolls under a pair of hooks nicely. Still throwing but Salido's blocking most of it, and Orlando gets in a good uppercut at the bell. 10-9 Salido, 97-93

Round 11: Martinez comes out aggressively, and he may have regained a little bit of energy and confidence after that close tenth round. Salido seems happy to punch off the back foot for now, though. Salido backs Martinez off with a series of jabs. Nice right hand from Martinez, but there's a body shot from Salido. Martinez flails with ineffectual punches and Salido slugs him in the guts again. Martinez drives forward and lands to the body. Both fighters get a welcome break as Martinez needs some tape removed from his glove. Salido comes out swinging after the break, but Martinez seems light on his feet again. Martinez walks him into the ropes and swings away. And yet again some tape needs trimming on Martinez's other glove. He asks the cornerman to retape the glove, and he drops the tape. Really thrilling interlude here. Salido seems renewed after the pause, and stakes his claim to this round with a heavy right hand and a barrage of body shots. 10-9 Martinez, 106-103 Salido

Round 12: Salido seems noticably slower but he's throwing relentlessly nonetheless. Martinez with a decent left hook on a break. He forces Salido to take a backward step and follows him with a double 1-2. Lead right from Martinez. Halfway through this round and its completely up for grabs. Martinez clips Salido with a left hook that may have wobbled him a bit, but Salido drives right back into the fray. Two left hooks land for Salido. Shots to the beltline from Salido. Martinez seems completely drained once again. He's holding on desperately in the clinch. But there's the clapper, and both men end the fight swinging away. Fantastic fight! This has been a stellar undercard. 10-9 Salido, 116-112

George Groves vs Badou Jack

Round 1: Groves comes out stalking, but lets Jack throw the first punch. Nice body jab from Groves, and then he lands a sweat-flinging left upstairs. Jack lands a body jab of his own. And again, but Groves backs him off with a double jab upstairs. Jack steps in to attack but can't get off before Groves nails him with a lamppost jab and a good left hook right after. Vicious cross counter from Jack and Groves is badly hurt. One more and he goes down! He survives, and manages to keep Jack away for the final ten seconds. 10-8 Jack

Round 2: Jack tries to set up another heavy right with a body jab, but hooks his arm around Groves' neck instead. Jack moving around on the outside now, with Groves stalking. Groves blocks a right and counters with a good combination to the body. Flicking jab by Jack, and he tries to land another right, almost eats a Groves hook when he misses. Double jab upstairs from Groves. And another pair of jabs, going high-low this time. Groves sneaks in an overhand right, and goes back to the body jab to keep Jack from coming back as he retreats. Jack tries for another haymaker right and once again Groves stands his ground and smothers it. Jack misses another right, and eats a glancing counter from Groves at the end of the round. 10-9 Groves, 19-18 Jack

Round 3: Jack comes out busy with his jab, and pops Groves' head back with one. Groves comes back with a triple jab, landing one of his own. They trade right hands. Jack gets a little wide with a pivot and Groves spears him with a hard jab that knocks him off balance. Nice body jab from Jack, and Groves misses on a counter right. An exchange of jabs, and Jack lands a decent right hand. Groves is getting aggressive now, though, and he presses in with a pair of hard rights. Solid body jab folds Groves in half. Jack tries to follow with the right but Groves blocks it well. And again. Groves tries to answer with a 1-2, gets too tall coming forward, and eats a hard right from Jack. 10-9 Jack, 29-27

Round 4: Both men are back to jabbing and angling in center ring. Groves seems to be getting the better of the exchanges, though neither man has landed anything really stiff. Partially deflected right hand over the top from Groves. Jack tries twice for the right hand and misses, with Groves counter-jabbing after the second one. Groves looks for the uppercut now as Jack covers up and misses, but lands a stinging jab on the retreat. Jack jabs to the belly and Groves counters with a long straight right. Nice pivot jab from Groves, and there's a nice cuffing right hand to end the round. 10-9 Groves, 38-37 Jack

Round 5: Groves is still busy with his jab, while Jack's activity has dropped off somewhat since round 3. Groves jabs upstairs and down, and counters with a right when Jack tries to respond. Nice short right over the top by Groves there. They're standing much closer together now, and Groves takes advantage of the opportunity for a good right hook to the beltline of Jack. Both men boxing in mid-range. Groves manages to block a right from Jack and then sneak in one of his own over the top. Groves with a glancing 1-2, and blocks the counter right from Jack. There's a clean right hand from Groves quickly after. Jack lands a soft lead right and they clinch. 10-9 Groves, 47-47

Round 6: Groves comes forward low behind his stinging left hand. Jack with a jab to the body, and Groves pokes him again upstairs. And again, landing every piece of a triple jab. Groves looks for an overhand right, and Jack gets his shoulder in the way nicely. Tries for one of his own and Groves blocks with a high left hand. Jack steps in close, but Groves shoves him back and stabs him with the piercing jab. Jack looks for a 1-2 and Groves narrowly rolls under the right. Snapping jab from Groves and Jack is back at range again. Short right hand from Groves and Jack is really starting to look clueless in there. Groves has Jack flinching and jumping on his feints now. Good right hand from Groves to end the round. 10-9 Groves, 57-56 Groves

Round 7: Jack is back on the offensive, and Groves barely catches a nice body shot on his elbow. Jack gets busy with the jab. Groves evades most of his work, but he can't return fire well enough. Good short right from Jack. Groves gets back to his jab, but Jack seems to have regained some of his confidence, and he parries and blocks nicely. Glancing 1-2 from Groves. Jack lands a sneaky uppercut to the ribs after a blinding double jab. Solid jab from Groves, but Jack responds with a 1-2 and snaps Groves' head back with the right. 10-9 Jack, 66-66

Round 8: Good hard jabs early from Jack, and he parries Groves' reply. Groves blocks a straight right that would've probably floored him otherwise. Nasty body shot from Jack. Groves and the referee both called it low, but it looked right on the beltline from here. Jack's managed to slow Groves' workrate somewhat, and it's working well for him. Groves still has that jab, though, and he lands a good hard one. Jack comes in with a feint and lands another nasty hook to the body. Stiff body jab from Jack, and now a second one on the chin. And again. Groves is jabbing back but there's not much sting on them anymore. Jack goes downstairs with the cross, wisely pressing the body work as Groves slows. There's a glance at the clock from Groves, who eats another vicious hook to the liver before the bell. 10-9 Jack, 76-75

Round 9: Replay showed that the low blow last round was in fact a little low. Groves avoids a Jack right by diving into the clinch, and Jack all but swings him around the ring. Nice hook from Groves, but Jack immediately counters with a right hand over the top. Body shot from Jack as Groves steps in. Groves still has his snapping jab, though. Jack is throwing with both hands to the body now, and Groves is bending over and dropping his hands. Let's see if Jack goes upstairs with the right again. There it is! Jack with a hard right hook on the jawline, and Groves is really fading now. Two more right hands from Jack, these partially blocked. Plunging body jab from Jack. Jabs high and low from Jack, and Groves' back is on the ropes. They're trading punches to end the round, but Jack got the better of the action with a pair of body shots and a short right upstairs. 10-9 Jack, 86-84

Round 10: Groves comes out jabbing, and Jack countering with the same. Both men land some nice stiff lefts, but Jack is the first to follow up and he lands a good right hand. He tries again, however, and Groves buckles his knees with a very stiff jab. That may have given Groves a little confidence, and his volume comes back a bit. Jack clubs him with a decent lead right. Groves steps in with a combination, landing nothing but the starting jab. There's another good left on the break, though. Groves almost lands a clean right, but Jack dips down to take it on the crown of his head. Groves swinging away and missing to end the round, and Jack lands another telling body blow. 10-9 Groves, 95-94 Jack

Round 11: Hard jab from Groves, who has a little more pep in his step now. Jack with a jab, but Groves double jabs in response and lands a solid wide right hand. Body jab from Jack. Head jab from Groves. His energy has definitely returned to some degree, and Jack's consistent pace is starting to look slow by comparison once again. There's a crisp jab from Jack as Groves gets himself backed into the ropes. Lead right from Jack lands decently, but Groves counters with an equally decent hook. Pair of good wide rights by Groves. He doesn't seem to be hitting all that hard, but he's throwing fast enough to get in and make an impression. Jack returns to the body with his left hook, and again with his right hand. Nice left uppercut from Jack to end the round. Very close, that one. 10-9 Groves, 104-104

Round 12: Groves lands the first hard jab of the final round, and Jack twice goes to the body with the right. Groves steps back and snaps his head back with another jab. Good right hand to the body from Jack, but Groves is looking sprightly. There's another hard right downstairs from Badou, and he blocks Groves' counter. Nice short right from Jack, and a decent left hook as he steps back. Groves lands a right but there wasn't much on it. There's a decent enough 1-2 from Groves. Both men trade simultaneous right hands. Groves jabs and Jack bombs over the top with a right. Groves come back and lands one of his own. Groves shoves Jack into the ropes, but Jack spins him around and lands a combination of three short punches. Great final round. 10-9 Jack, 114-113

Jhonny Gonzalez vs Jonathan Oquendo

Round 1: Both men start off cautiously, feinting and circling. Gonzalez continually shifts his weight onto his front hip, perhaps thinking about the same left hook that he used to floor floored Abner Mares. Oquendo backs him up with a heavy jab, but can't get through Gonzalez's guard. Clean right uppercut from Gonzalez, and that stops Oquendo's forward momentum for a bit. Oquendo looks for the left hook to set up the right hand, but neither gets around the guard. Oquendo ducks down to dodge a Gonzalez right and Gonzalez follows up with a perfectly timed left uppercut that puts Oquendo down on the seat of his pants. Oquendo beats the count and comes back aggressively, denying Gonzalez the chance to follow up. Oquendo ends the round with a good right hand. 10-8 Gonzalez

Round 2: Oquendo seems fully recovered as he comes forward aggressively right after the bell. Once again he uses double jabs to walk Gonzalez backward, though he hasn't managed to set up much else yet. Gonzalez probes with his jab, looks for that uppercut again; nothing doing. Right uppercut from Gonzalez now that lands partially. Oquendo's still coming in low and leaning forward, so those uppercuts may prove to be a serious problem as the fight wears on. Good left hook from Gonzalez to counter some forward movement by Oquendo, but Oquendo turns him and answers with a right hand that puts Gonzalez on the canvas! He's up, but he's hurt and staggering. Gonzalez fires back desperately, and Oquendo continues punching. Gonzalez staggered again, but lands a nice left hook and fights his way out of the round. Wow! 10-8 Oquendo, 18-18

Round 3: Oquendo's stalking aggressively now, looking to follow up on his success, but Gonzalez seems okay. Oquendo slips on some water in the corner. Swings wildly and misses, and Gonzalez awkwardly falls over now. Two vicious left uppercuts to the body by Gonzalez as Oquendo covers up. Both men's activity wanes somewhat, but there's a nice 1-2 from Oquendo that backs Gonzalez into the corner. Decent left hook from Gonzalez, but Oquendo counters with a left uppercut, now fighting out of the southpaw stance. Gonzalez seems confused by the stance change, and Oquendo nails him with a hard left uppercut up the middle. 10-9 Oquendo, 28-27

Round 4: Oquendo comes out jabbing, sneaks in a left hook around the guard. Another, and this one sets up a right hand that lands clean on Gonzalez's jaw. Gonzalez probes with his jab, looks to set up a left hook of his own and misses. There's one that lands, and Oquendo responds in kind. Stiff jab from Oquendo. Gonzalez is struggling to follow up on his right hand now--Oquendo is pulling back rather than ducking under it, and Gonzalez keeps falling off balance. There's a hard left hook from Gonzalez around Oquendo's guard. Close round. 10-9 Oquendo, 38-36

Round 5: Gonzalez seems to have taken some of the ire out of Oquendo, as both men are back to circling in center ring. There Oquendo comes in with a combination, but Gonzalez manages to backpedal and defend them all. Gonzalez looking for the uppercut off the cross again, but Oquendo is wise to it now. Low blow from Oquendo. Gonzalez takes another low blow and Oquendo trips him to the ground. Oquendo isn't landing much, but Gonzalez isn't throwing nearly enough to keep up with him regardless. Oquendo back to southpaw, and he looks for that left uppercut again to no avail. Tries again and lands it to the body. And again. The two trade vicious body shots just before the bell. 10-9 Oquendo, 48-45

Round 6: Gonzalez starts off this round with some nice jabs, and Oquendo counters with a good straight right. There's a great 3-2 from Gonzalez, and Oquendo runs into a very stiff jab right after that. Good counter hook from Oquendo there, but Gonzalez is still using his jab well. Great counter body shot from Gonzalez, and a nice short right hand on the jaw right after. Gonzalez has stopped jabbing now, and Oquendo pushes him back with a series of jabs of his own, but fails to land anything clean. Oquendo headbutts Gonzalez against the ropes. Gonzalez throws the left hook high and low, four times in a row, and lands a hard one to the jaw just before the end of the round. 10-9 Gonzalez, 57-55 Oquendo

Round 7: Body jab from Oquendo to open the frame. Gonzalez looking lighter on his feet again, feinting and jabbing in return. Oquendo counters  one with a glancing cross over the top. Stiff jab from Gonzalez. Lull in activity from both men here, but it's Gonzalez that still seems lacking in confidence. He repeatedly backs up in response to feints and twitches from Oquendo. Oquendo goes downstairs with the left hook. Oquendo lunges in a little too hard with a jab and Gonzalez answers with the same left uppercut that floored Oquendo in the first round, following up with two more left handed punches that land clean and set Oquendo back on his heels. 10-9 Oquendo, 67-64

Round 8: Oquendo comes in head-first again and clashes with Gonzalez. Gonzalez answers nonetheless with a good body shot. Oquendo seems eager to close the distance this round, and he butts Gonzalez once again. Gonzalez is cut as well. Triple left hook from Gonzalez on a clinch break, good shots. Gonzalez is back to circling and feinting, and lands a solid hook off the jab, knocking Oquendo momentarily off-balance. Gonzalez battling back on the inside now, and he outpunches Oquendo with a few decent body shots and a short left uppercut to the chin. Oquendo is lunging in sloppily with his punches now, and Gonzalez is having less and less trouble avoiding them. Oquendo may in fact be clinching in pursuit of some rest. Gonzalez meets another clinch with some nasty body shots and ends the round throwing and landing. 10-9 Gonzalez, 76-74 Oquendo

Round 9: Oquendo hits Gonzalez's guard with a jab and Gonzalez counters with a nice left uppercut. Short right hand from Oquendo on the break. Oquendo back into the clinch off a big overhand miss, and Gonzalez bangs away at his ribs with a right hand. Gonzalez has some serious blood flowing down his nose now, coming from a cut high over his right eye. The doc is checking him out . . . and he's good to go. The round resumes, and Oquendo steps right in with a jab, eats two counter uppercuts from Gonzalez for his trouble. Another counter body shot from Gonzalez as Oquendo once again falls into the clinch. And again he clinches, and again Gonzalez hits him to the body. Solid body shot from Gonzalez to end the round as Oquendo swings and misses over the top. 10-9 Gonzalez, 85-84 Oquendo

Round 10: Good jabs from Gonzalez to open the round. Oquendo can't find any openings and he's back to southpaw. Nope, back to orthodox again. He's still diving into the clinch, but Gonzalez is simply outfighting him in close every time he gets there, and often meeting him with hard shots on the way in. Oquendo comes in low and Gonzalez once again counters him with a solid jab. Not much happening in the final minute, as both men are tired, but Gonzalez has this round clinched. 10-9 Gonzalez, 94-94

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