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Mayweather vs Berto results: Floyd dominates Berto, confirms retirement

Floyd Mayweather dominated Andre Berto in what he insists is the last fight of his historic career.

If this was Floyd's retirement fight--and most think it won't be--then it wasn't as bad as it might have been. After a stale first four rounds Berto came alive, chasing Mayweather around the ring with a machine gun jab. Berto's activity allowed him to gain some headway  partway through the bout, but in the end it seemed like he was always at Mayweather's mercy. Check out Bad Left Hook's play-by-play for the final two rounds.


Round 11: Virgil Hunter tells Berto that he's only down one round. It's not true, but Berto comes out hard like he believes it. Nasty left hook from Floyd there, and Berto stepped back blinking for a moment. Floyd using that vicious forearm in the clinch again and Berto's complaining. Looks like Mayweather's back in the mood to fight, and he snaps Berto's head back with a beauty of a left uppercut. Double jab by Berto. They're back in the clinch, and Floyd is doing his best Jack Johnson, smiling and talking to the crowd while he holds Berto close. Duo of body punches from Floyd, and a nice left hook upstairs to follow up. Mayweather's beckoning to the crowd and they cheer for his bravado. Beautiful pull counter from Mayweather, and he walks Berto into a right hand counter. Berto gets in a nice hook before the bell. 10-9 Mayweather, 107-102

Round 12: Both men show sportsmanship and hug at the start of the round, but Berto's right back on that aggressive jab as soon as they separate. He gets in one or two, and does a little dirty forearm framing of his own in the clinch. Floyd with a left hook and a right hook, both blocked. Body jab by Berto. Floyd laying on the ropes and letting Berto miss. Nice left hook by Floyd, and a pair of uppercuts as Berto falls into the clinch. Berto with a glancing jab as Floyd throws. Floyd gets in a good uppercut again, and then a short right. Berto may have been a bit wobbled, and he holds for time. Berto runs right into Floyd's forearms and gets shoved back for a left hook. Left uppercut by Floyd, and he ends the round dancing around the ring. 10-9 Mayweather, 117-111


Bad Left Hook gave Berto a few of his more active rounds, but in the end it seemed like Andre was only able to win rounds that Floyd didn't particularly mind losing. In fact, whenever Mayweather stepped up his own activity and pace he was able to link together some beautiful punches, including the left uppercut that worked so well against Miguel Cotto and the right uppercut to the body that's always been an underrated part of Floyd's arsenal.

In the post-fight interview Floyd insisted that he is in fact retiring from the sport to spend time with his family. He told Jim Gray that he's happy to leave the sport with all of his faculties intact, and mentioned that he is financially stable enough to walk away for good. Time will tell if Floyd can make himself leave behind the sport that he has dominated for so many years, but hey--it wasn't so bad as far as exhibitions go.

Official result: Floyd Mayweather defeats Andre Berto by Unanimous Decision (117-111, 118-110, 120-108)

Bad Left Hook scored it 117-111 for Mayweather

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