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Andre Berto: If Floyd Mayweather wants to retire, he should

Andre Berto figures Floyd Mayweather has earned the right to do whatever he wants, be it retirement or fighting on.

Andre Berto was as uncompetitive as expected in his Saturday night loss to Floyd Mayweather, and the main question now -- even for Berto, it seems -- is whether or not Mayweather will really retire, as he said he would before the fight, and as he told Jim Gray in the ring he would after the fight.

Berto took a laid back approach to the question, deferring to Mayweather's judgment on the time being right.

"If he wants to retire, he should be able to. If he wants to come back, he should do that," Berto said. "The guy's put in 20, 30 some odd years. Out here busting his ass, running, training, fighting, and at the same time, being able to stay undefeated and take care of all of these damn people, who should be able to do what the hell he wants to do."

Berto (30-4, 23 KO) said he does believe that the fight was closer than the score cards, which read 120-108, 118-110, and 117-111 Mayweather.

"I believe so. It is what it is. I'm in his hometown. There was a lot on the line for him. Of course I knew that the scores are a lot closer, but he deserves everything he got tonight."

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