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Andre Berto surprised with Mayweather's limited punch selection

Andre Berto seems pretty pleased with his performance against Floyd Mayweather, even while admitting he could have done some things differently.

Andre Berto has his head held high after Saturday's loss to Floyd Mayweather, an expected one-sided rout in favor of the supposedly retired pound-for-pound king. Berto, who lost by scores of 120-108, 118-110, and 117-111, said that he was surprised by the limited punch selection of the unbeaten superstar.

"Everything was pretty much expected. I knew he had a quick jab, I knew he throws his check hook on the regular, and I know he throws lead rights," Berto said after the fight. "That's pretty much -- I was really surprised that was pretty much his punch selection the whole fight. Jabs, jab to the body, check hook, and right hand over the jab."

Berto (30-4, 23 KO) also seems to have bought into Mayweather's talk that Floyd would be hunting for a knockout, something he seems to say every fight without any results.

"I didn't know he was gonna be on his bicycle like he was," Berto said. "Because he was talking about, 'I was gonna stalk him, I'm gonna walk him down.' I think as soon as he felt my power, it was a different situation for him. I had to adjust to trying to find him. It's hard to hit the guy with solid shots."

Mayweather (49-0, 26 KO) pretty much fought the same way he always fights, which makes one wonder about Berto's game plan, but realistically, the fight went exactly as was expected by almost all of us, and Berto didn't really do any worse than a lot of guys have against Mayweather, so he has plenty of reason to be happy that he went in there and competed with the best fighter of the generation.

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