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Vladimir Putin makes Roy Jones a Russian citizen

As decreed by the Kremlin, Roy Jones has been granted Russian nationality.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Roy Jones Jr. got his wish over the weekend, with Russian President Vladimir Putin officially making Roy a Russian citizen, announced on the Kremlin's website. Over the summer, Roy had requested citizenship from Putin when the two met over tea in Crimea, saying that it would make it much easier for him to do business there.

I guess as the old saying goes, "it's nice to have friends in high places." Now that Jones is officially a Russian, he said he plans to learn the language and hopes to be fully immersed by next year.

"I want to speak so well in Russian that people understand me without any problems," Jones said. "I think that'll take about a year. I hope that next year I'll already be speaking like a Russian."

Roy also went on to say he hoped to earn "2 or 3 billion dollars," continue his rap career, and open some boxing schools. Everyone needs goals I suppose.

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