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Porter: Danny Garcia will try to avoid a fight with me

Shawn Porter talks to FightHype about a potential fight between him and Keith Thurman, as well his impression that Danny Garcia will try to skirt a fight with him.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview, Shawn Porter talked a bit about the rumored fight between him and Keith Thurman. He essentially says that a fight between them would be great, mostly because he knows they'll both bring it, despite having mutual respect for one another. Naturally, Porter thinks that's a fight he would win.

When Danny Garcia's name is brought up, Porter says he hasn't had a chance to approach Garcia face-to-face but the difference between him approaching Thurman and Garcia is that "Keith knows what it is, he knows this is business, he knows that there's nowhere either of us is gonna go. We want to fight each other, simple as that," said Porter.

As far as Garcia goes, "Danny may be looking at other options. Aside from that, Keith respects what I do and I respect what Keith does, Danny doesn't respect everything that's here," continued Porter. "What point do I have going up to [Garcia], saying something to him and he's not gonna respect what I say - and even if he do, is he going to respect it enough to say 'ok, let's fight'?

Porter sums it all up by saying that Keith knows they're on a collision course, but if he approaches Danny he's likely to try to curve him. Porter finally says that he's interested in facing Danny because if Garcia wants to compete at welterweight, he has to face the top guys, not try to sneak through the back door on his way to a title.

In the meanwhile, Garcia has been rumored to be in discussions to make a fight with Robert Guerrero later this year - a fight that will likely generate more than a few groans from boxing fans should it come to fruition.

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