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Andre Ward says "Little G" turned down fight

Andre Ward slams Gennady Golovkin and dubs him "Little G" after Golovkin's team turned down a 50/50 offer to fight him after all their trash talking.

In this video interview, Andre Ward briefly discusses his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather's retirement before shifting focus to Gennady Golovkin. Specifically, Ward renames Golovkin "Little G" saying that after all the trash talking he and his promoters were doing, they turned down a formal offer to face him last month.

"It's not Triple G no more, It's Little G," said Ward. "Little G turned down an official fight with us, I don't know, about a month ago - I just don't talk about this stuff a lot...The reality is, for all the talk, for all the websites that the trainer and promoter went off on, for all the radio, for all that they said, the proof is in the pudding. I have an email right now that shows that we gave him what he wanted, we'll give you 50/50, these are the terms, these are the conditions, and the promoter turned it down and said 'maybe in 2017.' So from now on he's Little G," Ward quipped.

Ward was then asked if he's the heir apparent to the pound-for-pound throne with Mayweather retiring, and Ward says that it's not for him to say - he just has to show it. He knows he has to earn the spot and says he wouldn't have it any other way.

Then, when the interviewer brought Golovkin back up, Ward says that he's not interested in talking a lot about Little G. He says the trainer and promoter were supposed to talk a big game on his behalf, but that they in fact never really wanted a fight with him and that he's been telling the public that for two years. "My lawyer sent back, 'they turned it down in 5 minutes,'" said Ward in response to the offer his team made for a Golovkin fight.

Has Gennady and his team been talking a big game while being deliberately unwilling to back it up? Andre Ward sure thinks so. What do you think?

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