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Thurman offers some harsh words for Amir Khan and Virgil Hunter

The war of words between Thurman, Khan, and his trainer Virgil Hunter have been heating up lately.

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The banter between Keith Thurman and Amir Khan's trainer Virgil Hunter is beginning to hit a fever pitch, despite how silly it seems for a fighter and a trainer to be getting so deep into it. Khan and Hunter said some things about Thurman during the Broner-Porter fight, which Thurman didn't take too kindly, and shot back a quick remark saying he'd knock both of them out if needs be. That response only seemed to provoke the normally mild-mannered Virgil Hunter into escalating their war of words.

"I laugh at Keith, God bless his heart. I love him," Hunter said, in an interview posted by ESNews. "When he said he wanted to knock me out -- Keith, you better cut that ponytail before you talk about knocking me out. I'll grab you by your ponytail and break your neck, boy.

"They don't understand that. I'm a 62-year-old man and I won't play no games with you. I know some things that will take you straight out of here, and I have no problem utilizing it."

Please, let me find out Virgil has "Thug Life" tatted across his stomach. That would make my week. I'll admit that I'm not used to this kind of rhetoric coming from boxing's zen master, but I could definitely get used to it - even if Keith himself isn't a fan.

"I will f--- your fighters up, each and every one of them," Thurman told ESPN. "And if you want to jump in with it, my hands are there. I will throw. I don't like threats and he's not a fighter. We are not going to fight unless he wants to fight. I don't like beating up old people, but I don't like mother-----s talking s--- either, man. That's that. Zero to 100 real quick."

Ok, Drizzy! Now I feel like I'm in a real rap beef (which usually aren't 'real' at all nowadays). But let's dial it back from 100 to 50 real quick, so we can digest this scenario a bit. This fall's welterweight schedule is still open for a number of of the division's top fighters, but despite Thurman wanting a crack at Khan, that fight hasn't really gained any traction in the negotiations department. Thurman is now said to be in discussions for a Shawn Porter fight later this year, but still has his cross hairs set on Amir's chin - who he believes is mostly a fraud at welterweight.

"Khan and his little team have a little too much confidence, and I don't know where it comes from," Thurman, 26, said. "He has been beaten. He has proven that power punches can handle him and can walk through him. Marcos Maidana almost ended him.

"Ever since he stepped up into the welterweight division, I have had my eyes on Amir Khan. He couldn't take Danny Garcia's power so he definitely won't be able to take my power."

Thurman goes on to be harshly critical of Khan's opposition at welterweight, saying Luis Collazo was the only real welterweight Khan has fought thus far. Thurman would prefer that Khan either stop pretending and go back to 140, or fight some real welterweights - namely himself.

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