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Miguel Cotto rips Team Canelo

Miguel Cotto isn't at all happy with the perceived insults directed at him from Team Canelo, and offers up a few thoughts of his own.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

The media mudslinging between fighters and trainers continues today as Miguel Cotto takes exception to Canelo Alvarez and his team, notably his trainers Chepo and Eddie Reynoso, discrediting his recent opposition, complaining of his diva-like demands during negotiations, and questioning Freddie Roach as a trainer. Cotto, one who never does much, if any, trash talking, has been irritated enough to take some shots back at Team Canelo.

"Throughout the promotional tour Saul and Reynoso were very friendly and cordial...The man who takes advantage of the absence of his opponent to open their mouth is a coward," Cotto exclusively told El Vocero.

Cotto goes on to say that if any of them have questions about him or Freddie Roach, all they have to check the resume.

"Here, all you have to do is put on paper Freddie Roach's achievements, the number of world champions he's worked with, and what Miguel Cotto [has done] before coming to Freddie. What Reynoso [has done] I can write on a small page," Cotto continued.

"We're not just talking to talk, nor to deceive anyone. Freddie Roach is a coach who can easily be the 'Coach of the Year' and who has done wonderful things in my career. The only thing 'Canelo' can say about Reynoso is that he had 42 fights [with him]; and at one point he was undefeated, and when you had your first major challenge [against Floyd Mayweather] he looked like a rookie. And with that simple matter [we must ask] 'what it is their pedigree?'"

Fortunately, all these little disagreements between the two sides will be settled when Cotto defends his WBC middleweight title against Alvarez on Nov. 21st .

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