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Bradley talks new trainer Teddy Atlas: "I think it's a good match. We're both crazy"

Tim Bradley claims to be thrilled working with his new trainer Teddy Atlas, and expects the pairing to reap dividends for him in the ring.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Although much of the boxing world was shocked to find out that Tim Bradley was dumping the only trainer he's ever had in his professional career, Bradley is ecstatic to have Teddy Atlas as a new addition to his team. While Bradley was working a broadcast for truTV, he had this to say about hiring Atlas.

"I think it's a good match. We're both crazy," Bradley said with a laugh.

"I think it's a wise choice, man. I'm bringing Albert Einstein out of the grave," Bradley said of Atlas, who has not trained any fighters since 2011. "Teddy has a lot of knowledge in his game. He's old school. I love his temperament. I love the fact that he always challenges you. He challenges me as a fighter. He challenges me mentally and physically. He asks a lot. He don't play. That's what I need right now."

Teddy Atlas was said to be unsure whether or not he wanted to get back into training fighters. The last one he had was Alexander Povetkin, with whom he had a falling out after a disagreement over where Povetkin would train. Regarding his decision to take on Bradley, Atlas said it wasn't an easy decision to make.

"Timmy called me himself and asked me if I would train him. I had to think about it," Atlas said. "I wasn't sure I would get back into it. As far as stars lining up, (ESPN boxing) going to the once a month schedule makes it easier to do it. It wasn't a decision I hurried into. It's become very easy to say no. I was probably leaning that way."

Of course Altas ultimately said yes to Bradley, and Bradley already thinks the pair are hitting it off, both inside and outside the gym.

"A lot of people say a lot of crazy things and things that are negative about Teddy. But, dude, this gentleman walked into my house and said hi to my dogs, went to my son, picked him up. My son smiled at him. He made him laugh. My kids embraced him. He's super comfortable and real. I like real and he's that guy. He keeps it completely honest."

Will we see a new Tim Bradley in the ring under the guidance of Atlas? At Bradley's age and stage of development that could be difficult, but it's not as if Bradley hasn't been successful thus far. It'll be interesting to see what changes Atlas tries to implement in Bradley, as Atlas is fully aware that Bradley is in for a dog fight against Brandon Rios.

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