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Berto blames Mayweather for low PPV numbers

Andre Berto places the blames squarely on Floyd Mayweather's shoulders for their fight selling usually low (for a Mayweather fight, that is).

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Andre Berto tells TMZ that it's Floyd's fault that their PPV only generated somewhere between 400,000-550,000 buys. Now to keep things in perspective, these numbers would be perfectly palatable for basically anyone not named Mayweather - but these figures happen to be the lowest for a Mayweather fight in almost 10 years.

"It's definitely Floyd's fault, He left a sour taste in everybody's mouth because of the Pacquiao bomb shell," said Berto.

Berto is probably right here, everyone knew going in this was going to be about Floyd's drawing power, particularly since Berto has little-to-no fanfare or fanbase to bring to the table. Berto went on to say that the public has gotten fed up with Mayweather's style of fighting and more or less made good on promises to stop buying his fights: "As you can see they weren't bulls**ttin."

"I knew if he had the chance he would run around and make it boring, but I tried my best to not let that happen and disappoint the people. They deserve excitement."

Berto earned a flat fee of $4M for the fight, so he made his money no matter how many PPV's the fight sold. Likewise, Mayweather had a guaranteed purse of $32M with some PPV upside, so even if the fight didn't sell as well as he'd hoped, it's not like it was any real disaster for Mayweather, or Showtime for that matter.

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