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PBC on Bounce TV - James vs Abreu: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Jamal James takes on Juan Carlos Abreu and Erickson Lubin faces Orlando Lora tonight from Full Sail University in Florida.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 9:00 pm EST on Bounce TV and streaming on, Premier Boxing Champions is back with its "Next Round" series, and even though the card lost its original main event, it's still looking like a decent show on paper.

With Caleb Truax withdrawing from a scheduled fight with Fernando Guerrero, the new main event is a matchup of welterweights, set for 10 rounds. Prospect Jamal James (17-0, 9 KO) of Minneapolis will face Dominican slugger Juan Carlos Abreu (18-1-1, 17 KO). At 6'2", James is a crazy tall welterweight, and will tower over Abreu, who at 5'10" is a tall welterweight himself.

Also featured on tonight's card will be junior middleweight blue chipper Erickson Lubin (11-0, 8 KO), as he takes on Mexican veteran Orlando Lora (31-5-2, 19 KO) in a scheduled eight-round bout. Lora has served as a frequent prospect checker in recent years, facing the likes of Keith Thurman, Jermall Charlo, and Julian Williams, all of whom stopped him inside of six rounds. Lubin last fought in June, knocking out Ayi Bruce, another veteran, in 2:49.

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Jamal James def. Juan Carlos Abreu by unanimous decision (97-91, 96-92, 96-92)

Erickson Lubin def. Orlando Lora by TKO (1:58 of round 6)

Wilky Campfort def. Ronald Montes by TKO (2:59 of round 2)

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Round 1: Tentative start, Abreu trying to work his way inside. James lands the first real big punch with an overhand right, although at 6'2" all his rights are overhand, really. James with another long right. He's really awkward so far. Starting to pick up his pace a bit down the stretch of this round. James 10-9

Round 2: James winning the fight but was hyped as a volume puncher and not showing that so far. Abreu muscles him into the corner, where they shoulder rassle and miss punches. James unleashes four shots, maybe landed two, but that's nice work with his back against the ropes. Referee finally gets a reason to break them up, James smiles. Straight right at distance from James. Another long right, then a whacking windmill right to the body. Abreu being warned for punches to the back inside -- "last warning," says referee. James 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Abreu doing a lot better this round, turning up the heat and getting closer to where he wants to be. Also blocking some long shots from James and targeting the body. Good uppercut inside from Abreu and James awkwardly bounces away, landing a right and then throwing a three punch combo. Hard right from Abreu! James might have been shaken on that one, and he grabs on to try and run out the round. Big round for Abreu. Abreu 10-9, James 29-28

Round 4: Abreu getting overly aggressive. James down on a half shove and shot to the back of the head and Abreu gets credited with a knockdown. Without replay that looked like a lousy call, but there you go, it counts. Abreu starting to really muscle James when they tie up. James trips again as they tie up close. This fight is ugly as boiled sin. Both whack to the body a bit near the end of the round. Abreu 10-8, 38-37

Round 5: James has terrible feet. He's having tons of Bambi on ice moments. This is really getting ugly as hell now. I mean, just awful. There's no sustained action, lots of wrestling and grabbing and holding, awkward offense from both guys. Abreu seems to have taken the momentum but he's expending lots of energy too. Abreu 10-9, 48-46

Round 6: James can be a little tough to watch. But he finds some distance and gets Abreu at the end of a shot more this round. James nails Abreu! Abreu hurt and he is down! James trying to finish as they come back. James 10-8, 56-56

Round 7: Hard right from Abreu! James trying to get away now, flees back to the center of the ring. James with a loaded up right hand but Abreu is just hunting him right now. This is a messy but enjoyable fight. James clips Abreu with an overhand right on the way in and Abreu is hurt and in retreat. James stalking and clips him again! Abreu barely up as he stumbles into James and ties him up. 30 seconds left in the round. Another right from James, and a left hook but that doesn't get there. James 10-9, 66-65

Round 8: Abreu still doesn't look great halfway into this round, and James has the momentum at the moment. Abreu making it really ugly, even more than he was earlier. Abreu's legs coming back, it appears. He's moving and throwing a jab, maybe trying to bait James, and Abreu is catching him coming in. James just wading right into shots as he approaches. Abreu with a lunging right. Abreu looked better in the final minute or so but James took this round. James 10-9, 76-74

Round 9: More entertaining ugliness, then halfway into the round they wrestle so much on the ropes that James winds up outside the ring between the top and middle ropes. Abreu just trying to bully him and club away. James really doing himself no favors like this. Another Bambi moment for James. Abreu 10-9, James 85-84

Round 10: James throws a sort of check hook and Abreu falls into the corner, but no knockdown called, referee saw a slip there. Abreu the aggressor but not landing much, James avoiding shots pretty easily. James with a quick little right hand. Hook to the body from Abreu, misses a right hand. Body shot from Abreu, back from James with a couple of his own. Shade to James, and he should get the W. James 10-9, 95-93


Round 1: Lubin with a shot to the body and a straight left, has Lora on the run a little halfway into the round. More good body work and some head shots mixed in as Lubin pretty much dominates the first round. Lubin 10-9

Round 2: Lubin continues to look sharp and measured in round two, not with a big work rate but when he throws, landing some clean blows. His left hands are really owning this fight. The 1-2 is particularly strong. Right hook stuns Lora. He's hitting the body enough, too. Now he's sitting down on shots with a minute left in the round, planting his feet and throwing bombs. What a nice hook by Lubin. Lubin landing hard body shots, then a straight left. Frank Santore calls a knockdown, saying Lora was held up by the ropes. Lora disagrees, but round ends there anyway. Lubin 10-8, 20-17

Round 3: Lora better this round, but Lubin still takes the frame pretty handily. Mostly Lubin didn't lay on the big shots like he did last round, but he was still the fighter in control. Lubin 10-9, 30-26

Round 4: Lubin with a couple of hard lefts that hurt Lora about 50 seconds into the round, but Lora holds his ground and fires back. Lora walks into an uppercut from Lubin, who then aims at the body once again. Lubin with another uppercut, and he has Lora against the ropes, but Lora dances away. Lora taking some big shots now. Lubin with a four-punch combo, then more shots. Lora being up at this point is a credit to him, and he's still trying a little, too. Lubin 10-9, 40-35

Round 5: Lubin opening round five with more power shots. Lubin really popping away now, potshotting constantly even when he's not throwing big shots. Lora is still trying and still eating uppercuts. Straight left down the pipe from Lubin. Another one. Lora battling but this is looking more and more futile. More body shots. Lubin still dominant. Lubin 10-, 50-44

Round 6: Lubin doing more damage this round, and about two minutes in really opens up on offense, hammering away. Referee (and corner) jumps in to stop the fight. Lubin TKO-6


Round 1: Tentative start from both before Montes drops Campfort with a left hand halfway into the round. Wilky up and fighting, landing a good body shot. Campfort's pace picks up in the late stages of the round, landing some good shots. But a 10-8 for Montes. Montes 10-8

Round 2: Down goes Montes 20 seconds into round two! Montes up and fighting on, and this is turning into a slugfest in round two. Montes landing hard shots, Campfort landing his own! Big right! Montes down again with a minute left in round two! Montes up and lands a hard body shot, and Campfort fires one back. Montes stuck in the corner with 20 seconds left in the round. Campfort firing away, but Montes fighting out of the corner valiantly, and he gets away. Left hook from Campfort stuns Montes! Right hands from Campfort and another hook and DOWN GOES MONTES JUST BEFORE THE BELL, IT IS OVER! Campfort TKO-2

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