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PBC on Bounce results: Jamal James, Erickson Lubin remain undefeated

Jamal James and Erickson Lubin stayed unbeaten, and Wilky Campfort won a slugfest on tonight's PBC card on Bounce TV.

PBC/Bounce TV

Jamal James UD-10 Juan Carlos Abreu

In a butt ugly but often enjoyable main event, 6'2" Minnesota welterweight Jamal James stayed undefeated with a decision victory over a determined Juan Carlos Abreu, with scores of 97-91, 96-92, and 96-92. BLH had it a slightly closer 95-93 for James.

James (18-0, 9 KO) was ruled down in round four, but the knockdown call was debatable at best, as feet were tangled up and even the punch that landed before he went down landed to the back of the head. Abreu (18-2-1, 17 KO) was knocked down in round six, which also wasn't exactly a clean knockdown.

There was a lot of wrestling and roughhouse tactics, mostly from Abreu, who used that to get himself into the fight in the middle rounds. But James largely took over after round six, landing the better shots. None of this fight could be called pretty, but there was some decent slugging and both guys were swinging for the knockout.

"He was an exceptional opponent, he came out and did his thing," James said after the fight. "I knew he was strong. I didn't think he was going to be rushing in like that and kind of leaning in. It confused me a little bit and our legs got tangled, but I was able to adapt."

James continued, "If you've got a slugger in there, don't slug with a slugger. Switch your game and start boxing, that's what we did. I was trying to get him out of there, but he was a tough guy. It was a great experience."

On going the distance, James said, "To put it to the test today, I learned that I have that willpower. When you're with a tough opponent you might need to really start pushing it, and I really started pushing it."

Erickson Lubin TKO-6 Orlando Lora

This was a really good showing for Lubin (12-0, 9 KO), who was sharp throughout, scoring a ruled knockdown of Lora (31-6-2, 19 KO) in the second round when Frank Santore ruled the ropes were holding him up. It was a debatable call, but not up for debate is the fact that Lubin dominated this fight, taking Lora apart at range, inside, in the center of the ring, against the ropes.

Lubin's uppercut was a weapon, his 1-2 was a weapon, he worked the body. This was probably Lubin's best showing as a pro, or at least the best I've seen. This is a fight where you can really see the promise in Lubin, a heavily hyped prospect who turns 20 in a couple of weeks.

Wilky Campfort TKO-2 Ronald Montes

This was a real slugfest to open the TV broadcast, with Montes dropping Campfort halfway into the first round, and Campfort recovering. Round two was power punching all the way through, with Montes (16-3, 14 KO) landing some good shots but Campfort (21-1, 12 KO) dropping him about 20 seconds into the round, again with about a minute left in the round, and then a third and final time on a left hook just before the bell, with the referee stopping it there.

"It's boxing, things happen. He caught me off guard early. I wasn't listening to my trainer," said Tampa's Campfort, fighting near home. "I was off balance and he fired off a punch and I went down. But I showed a lot of heart. I couldn't let this guy stop me in front of my fans. I couldn't let them down.

"When he knocked me down, I came back up. I went to the corner, listened to my trainer, did what they asked me to do, and you see what happened."

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