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Smith vs Boschiero: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Stephen Smith takes on Devis Boschiero in today's Sky Sports main event.

Today at 3:00 pm EST on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, Stephen "Swifty" Smith returns in a main event super featherweight bout against Italy's Devis Boschiero, which is being billed as an IBF eliminator. BLH will be here with live round by round coverage of the main event fight. Note: This show has a TV block of 3 and a half hours, so the main event likely will not be on before 5:30 pm EST.

As Dave and myself both noted, this isn't exactly the best Sky card. The most promising matchup (Scott Cardle vs Gary Buckland) was scrapped late due to injury, and what remains is a showcase card with a below average main event, not that Smith-Boschiero is necessarily a bad fight.

Smith (22-1, 12 KO) will have home field, obviously, competing in Liverpool. Boschiero (37-3-1, 19 KO) is a 34-year-old fighter, a former European champion at 130, and has been a pro for over 10 years. He's experienced, but has done nothing above a regional level.

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Stephen Smith def. Devis Boschiero by TKO (2:45 of round 6)

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Round 1: Smith with some really nice body work in the opening round. I forgot to type more. Smith 10-9

Round 2: Smith drills Boschiero with a hook and down goes the Italian! Moments after he gets back up, Smith drops him again, as Boschiero's legs are gone. Boschiero trying to survive with a minute left in the round, and throwing the odd hook, which he seems to think may turn the tide. Smith stalking and throwing. Right hand staggers Boschiero again, but the veteran ties up. Smith really trying to finish this, but Boschiero able to get inside and make Smith smother his own work. Boschiero capably surviving this round. Body shot from Smith. He's done well going downstairs. Smith 10-7, 20-16

Round 3: Boschiero has recovered pretty well physically, and Smith is not getting reckless here in round three, just taking his time. Rather smart work by Smith, since he spent a lot of energy in round two fruitlessly looking to finish. Boschiero still being beaten to the punch throughout the round, though, and it goes to Smith again. Smith 10-9, 30-25

Round 4: Boschiero's left eye is just about closed shut at this point, to the point where the fight could be stopped sooner than later, and legitimately. Smith has target practice this round, and Boschiero can't see the punches coming. Boschiero goes down in the corner and referee pointlessly lets the fight go on. For what? Boschiero has nothing left and can't see. Referee checks with the doctor, and again they're going to continue. Maybe it's time for the corner to step in. They don't, the round ends. Smith 10-8, 40-33

Round 5: Boschiero throwing a bit more this round, perhaps realizing it's now or never, and most likely never. Smith landing clean shots, though. Still not competitive. Smith 10-9, 50-42

Round 6: More Smith one-sided action before a vicious body shot knocks Boschiero's mouthpiece out and him to the mat. Boschiero up at 7. Referee does not retrieve the mouthpiece, and Boschiero takes a knee, but referee ignores that and tells him to get on with the fight. Another body shot and Boschiero goes back to the canvas. Ref stops fight, Boschiero's mad about the mouthpiece (I assume), whatever. Smith TKO-6

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