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Brook-Chaves set for Oct. 24th in Sheffield

Kell Brook has finally hashed out a deal to face Diego Chaves in what will be his third IBF title defense.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Kell Brook has been aiming for a big fight for some time now. It's no secret he had been relentlessly calling out Amir Khan for a huge domestic showdown, to no avail, and then turned his attention to Brandon Rios instead. Brook and Rios were in negotiations for a while, but ultimately couldn't come to an agreement on money which ultimately killed the fight. Now, Brook has officially landed Diego Chaves as an opponent for his next title defense. The two will meet in Sheffield, England on October 24th.

"The negotiation was closed a few days ago," said Chaves. "I was already training quite hard, and then this offer came up to fight for a world title after such a long time. We're working super hard and feeling super sharp."

Chaves goes on to say that although he's 1-2-1 in his last four fights, he doesn't think that record is truly indicative of where he's at, saying that Rios loss was a "blatant robbery" and the draw with Tim Bradley left a positive taste in his mouth. As for Kell Brook, Chaves says he sees things in him that he knows he can exploit.

"We know he is a tough fighter, very technical," said Chaves, who claims he had already been studying Brook for a while. "He is a linear fighter, very frontal. He's not a fast fighter. He is easily bothered by body punches, and that is one of our strengths. And I believe he has problems going backwards. We saw that in his fight against Shawn Porter. When Porter charged forward, Brook had trouble adjusting to that. But we know that he is a great fighter to face, and we are going to test his punching power too, because the opponents he chose so far have not been such great punchers as the ones I have faced lately."

Chaves may not be a world beater, but his gritty style isn't easy for any fighter to deal with. You can expect Brook to try to lean on his technical style while Chaves will certainly be looking to mix it up and make it a rough and tumble affair.

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