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Mayweather Sr: Pacquiao just a liar with no skills

Floyd Mayweather Sr. calls Manny Pacquiao a liar with excuses, while saying that he and Freddie Roach may finally be able to become friends after Roach admits he thinks Floyd won the fight.

With Mayweather-Berto getting little fanfare, it seems that some are still content to talk about the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight from a few months ago. In this video interview, Floyd Mayweather Sr. says he thinks that Andre Berto will put up a better fight than Pacquiao did, while dismissing Manny's shoulder injury.

"He [Pacquiao] want to make up excuses, talking about his arm and...wasn't nothing wrong with his arm. Wasn't nothing with his arm, wasn't nothing wrong with his eyes, wasn't nothing wrong with his lips - something was wrong with his heart."

Mayweather Sr. summed it all up by declaring Pacquiao nothing but "a liar with no skills." Then, after Senior questioned Pacquiao healing so quickly, he was told about a recent interview that Freddie Roach gave where he admitted that he thought that Mayweather beat Pacquiao.

"Did he finally say that he thought that my son won? Oh man, me and Freddie Roach might get to be the best friends in the world."

But two seconds after that declaration, Mayweather Sr. said that might have been the first time Freddie Roach has told the truth in his life. Sounds like a great foundation for a beautiful friendship.

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