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Watch Mayweather vs Berto: Showtime All Access Epilogue

Check out the final episode of the Mayweather-Berto All Access series from Showtime.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Floyd Mayweather's September 12 win over Andre Berto went pretty much as everyone expected, and Showtime's All Access series devoted to the fight did, too, including the epilogue episode above. That is at least if you look at it only from Mayweather's perspective, the understandably dominant perspective.

But personally, I found the bits with Andre Berto here a lot more interesting than anticipated. After the fight, Virgil Hunter whispers to another Team Berto member, "If he'd have had Maidana's intensity, he would have knocked Floyd out." Berto accepts defeat, but seems just that little bit disappointed that he didn't do more. It's something we've seen on the faces of many Mayweather opponents, who felt they were close but never quite solved the puzzle.

There's also a shower room sit-down moment with Mayweather and Jim Gray, one that is hopefully a pairing of the past, where Gray asks Mayweather, "How do you want to be remembered. "Um," Mayweather begins, setting up a Thoughtful Pause. "As an honest person," he decides.

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