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PBC on FS1 - Williams vs Cuello: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Julian Williams takes on Luciano Cuello in this week's PBC on FS1 main event.

Tonight at 9 pm EST on FS1, Premier Boxing Champions returns with a doubleheader from Bethlehem, Penn., featuring top junior middleweight prospect Julian "J Rock" Williams taking on veteran Luciano Cuello in the 10-round main event.

Williams (20-0-1, 12 KO) is still a prospect at 154, though he is inching toward contender status. The 25-year-old Philly fighter will have a solid but beatable test in Cuello (35-3, 17 KO), a 31-year-old veteran from Argentina, now fighting out of Spain. Cuello's three career losses have come against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Canelo Alvarez, and Willie Nelson, but he's a competent pro and a nice step up for this level of prospect.

In the co-feature, the pointless interim WBA super bantamweight title is on the line between Moises Flores (23-0, 16 KO) of Mexico and Luis Cusolito (21-1, 19 KO) of Argentina. On paper this appears to be a well-matched contest, and like many PBC co-features, gives us a pair of fighters who wouldn't usually be seen on American TV.

Patrick L. Stumberg will be here for the round by round. Join him!


Julian Williams def. Luciano Cuello by TKO at 1:33 of Round One

Moises Flores def. Luis Cusolito by TKO at 0:57 of Round Twelve


Julian Williams vs. Luciano Cuello

Round one: Williams jabbing early, goes to the body in combination. Cuello gets inside, gets forced back with power shots. 1-2 by Williams. Hard combinations by Williams. Nice right around the guard, then back to the body. 1-2 lands. One minute in. Double right hand around the guard, then to the body. Williams warned for pushing Cuello's head down, then annihilates his equilibrium with a pair of right hooks. Cuello staggers to the ropes and Williams smashes right hands into his head until the referee steps in.

Final result: Williams def. Cuello by TKO

Caleb Plant vs. Jamar Freeman

Round one: Counter right by Plant early on. Freeman circling and jabbing quite well. Body jab. Freeman circling along the ropes. One minute in. Nice counter right from Plant. Combination on the ropes hits glove. Plant digs a right to the body. Clinch. Plant fires combinations as Freeman defends in the corner and comes back. One minute to go. Plant jives for a sec. Combination from Plant takes Freeman to the corner. Freeman retreats until the bell. 10-9 Plant.

Round two: Plant continues advancing. Clinch. Freeman to the body. Lead hook by Plant begins a long combo in the corner. Freeman circles away and nearly eats an elbow. One minute in. Plant to the head and body in another corner, Freeman tries to go to the body, manages to back him off with a right hand that draws a head shake. Freeman jabbing on the retreat. Plant to the body with the right, then a left hook on the beltline. Nice combination by Plant. One minute to go. Jab to the body by Plant. He sneaks a right around the guard and goes to the body. Freeman comes back with a combo and lands a nice hook to the body to back Plant off. 20-18 Plant.

Round three: Quick combination by Plant to start things off. Freeman's jab is very impressive, but he's not doing much with it. Lead hook from Plant. Counter right from Freeman. More jabs from Freeman. One minute in. Counter right from Plant. Plant to the body, clinch. 1-2 through the guard. Clinch. Right to the body by Plant. Freeman just isn't doing enough. Plant continues going downstairs. Double left hook met by a counter right. They exchange in the corner and a hard left hook by Plant sends Freeman to a knee. He makes it up in plenty of time and the round ends there. 30-26 Plant.

Round four: Plant immediately on the attack and lands another hard left hook. Plant opening up in the corner and Freeman's trading with him. Very nice exchanges. Back to the center. Counter right from Plant, then a 3-2. Corkscrew upper and right hand. Plant lands another hook and throws hard in the corner. Freeman comes back to the body. Freeman sneaks a pair of right hands through the guard. Plant gets him to the corner, clinch. One minute to go. Another nice corkscrew upper and again Plant opens up in the corner with some nasty punches. Freeman comes back with a pair of right hands. Another cuffing right. Plant jumps in with a left hook before the bell. 40-35 Plant.

Round five: Lead hook by Plant, Freeman comes back with a pair of 3-2s. Plant to the body. Plant gets him to the rope and goes to the body. One minute in. Good counter right from Freeman. Plant with more rights downstairs. One minute to go.  Plant jabbing with him and finding success. He gets Freeman to the corner and works the body until he's clinched. 50-44 Plant.

Round six: Plant backs him off with blocked punches, keeps moving forward. Left hook from Plant, combination by Freeman. One minute in. Plant with a wide right to the body, clinch. Freeman has talent  but he's painfully inactive. Plant with a left hook, Freeman with a nice 3-2 and follow-up left hook. Good jab by Plant, missed 3-2 by Freeman. One minute to go. Plant with a left hook. Good counter hook by Plant, Freeman clinches up. Another good hook rattles Freeman and Plant tries to open up. Freeman clinches up and makes it to the bell. 60-53 Plant.

Round seven: Plant gets Freeman to the corner, eats a jab for his troubles. More circling by Freeman. Lead right from Plant connects. 3-2 by Plant as he takes Freeman to the corner again. One minute in. Freeman circles  out. Another corner this time, Freeman jabs after blocking a combo. They trade punches at point-blank. Nice uppercuts by Freeman. Clinch. Nice left hook by Plant and he looks to open p on the ropes. Left hand snaps freeman's head back. One minute to go. Plant moves him to the corner, hits guard. Uppercut sneaks through, Freeman responds with one of his own. Plant sneaks a left through the guard and pursues until the bell. 70-62 Plant.

Round eight: More pursuit from Plant. Plant attempts a punch behind his back as Freeman circles. Good 3-2 by Plant, Freeman comes back with counters. One minute in. I lose my second minute of coverage because my fingers were in the wrong place on the keyboard and produced gobbledygook, but rest assured Plant is still winning. One minute to go. Plant lands a 1-2-1 in the corner. Freeman advances in the last few seconds, then retreats until the bell. 80-71 Plant.

Final result: Plant def. Freeman by unanimous decision (79-72, 80-71 x2)

Moises Flores vs. Luis Cusolito

Round one: Cusolito with a right to the body during the jab battle. Flores whiffs on a long right. Body shots from Cusolito. 1-1-2 by Flores hits guard. One minute in. Nice 1-2 from Cusolito on a ducking Flores. Flores doing a good job of getting him to the ropes and corners. Cusolito wading in with wide punches. Good body shots, Flores responds with a right through the guard. Cusolito to the body, Flores answers and they briefly clinch. One minute to go. Cusolito backs him off with a cuffing right. Good combination by Flores. Check hook by Cusolito. Another check hook by the Argentinian and Flores swings until the bell. 10-9 Cusolito.

Round two: Cusolito digging to the body early, clinch. Combination with the left from Flores. 1-2 from the Argentinian, Flores pursues with a body shot. Cusolito backs him off with a right. Cusolito bounces an overhand off his shoulder, lands one soon after. One minute in. Clinch. Right to the body, left at close range. Flores fires a combo, eats a check hook. Overhand right counters a Flores combo. Flores forcing him back and lands an uppercut through the guard. Flores advancing in a straight line and eating counters, but landing some hard punches through and around the earmuffs. One minute to go. Clinch, Cusolito with a right on the break. 1-2 by the Argentinian, Flores goes to the body. Jab exchange in the center. They trade more hard shots until the bell. 20-18 Cusolito.

Round three: Aggressive start to the round. Nice uppercut by Flores. Flurry from the Mexican fighter. Cusolito trying to circle, eats a right around the guard. Check hook by Cusolito, clinch. Flores gets him to the corner, lets him out. One minute in. Big shots along the ropes, Flores lands a good body shot and overhand right. Flores' punches are getting through the guard. Cusolito to the body, then a 1-2, then the body again. Flores with a right downstairs, both miss with overhand rights. Clinch. One minute to go. Cusolito with a right downstairs, then a combination and right hand upstairs. Check hook, body blows. Flores keeps walking him down and lands a left hook. 1-2 from the Argentinian. Cusolito goes to the body, eats a combination by Flores. Cusolito cracks him with a long right and eats a left hook at the bell. 29-28 Cusolito.

Round four: They exchange early on, Cusolito landing the best punch with a swatting hook. Fun first minute, Flores catches him with a clean uppercut and body shots. Again, he lets Cusolito off the ropes and eats a massive straight right. Halfway through. Cusolito follows up with a flurry, so Flores does the same right after. Cusolito still giving up a lot of ground, quick exchange inside. Clinch. 1-2 by Cusolito. Flores rips to the body in the corner. Cusolito clinches. Both swing and miss at close range, Cusolito is the first to land in the trade. They keep swinging, in Cusolito's case after the bell. Damn close fight. 39-37 Cusolito.

Round five: They again start with a powerful exchange. Flores to the body on the pivot. Flores cracks him with an uppercut on the ropes, doing some good work there. Nice combo. Cusolito returns to the center, gets taken to the ropes again. Flores starting to keep him there and do good work, especially with uppercuts. One minute in. Cusolito winging right hands, eats combinations. Cusolito's landing some hard blows and lands a long combination as I type this.k Antoehr long right hand. Another; just as he was being buried in volume. One minute to go. Clinch. Cusolito to the body. Flores loads up a right downstairs. 1-2 from the Argentinian, uppercut just misses. Flores takes hi mto the corner again and opens up there. Cusolito fires back until the bell. 48-47 Cusolito.

Round six: Cusolito comes out singing. Flores again moves him to the ropes. Left hook lands for Flores, then some hard blows to the body and a hook upstairs. Another left hook. Cusolito comes back with a 1-2. To the body now. Lead right by Flores and some hard shots on the ropes. Cusolito forces him back, Flores keeps him on the ropes. Hard combination, triple left hook from Flores. Cusolito tries to come back with the right, lands a cross counter. Halfway through the round. Left uppercut by Cusolito. Both land left hooks. Clinch, Cusolito shoves him and earns a reprimand. 1-2 from Cusolito connects. Flores forces him back with a combo, takes a right hand downstairs. Another combination by Flores, who shrugs off a check hook to work Cusolito in the corner. Good exchange at the end. 57-57.

Round seven: They're still going at it. Flores with a good left hook and his volume's the difference right now. Cusolito with another 1-2, Flores comes back with combinations. Cusolito to the body, then a 1-2 that raises a cloud. Uppercut and left hook by Flores. Cusolito lands an uppercut, eats a two-piece combo. One minute in. Clinch. Nice left hook by Flores, then another. Right to the body and again. Cusolito tries to answer downstairs. Straight right by y Cusolito, Flores again forces him back. Cusolito to the body. They dig to the body in close. One minute to go. Cusolito's throwing and landing, but it's not enough to overcome the volume difference. Good right by Cusolito. Flores to the body in combination. They trade on the ropes and Flores lands a big left hook at the bell. 67-66 Flores.

Round eight: Cusolito bangs away inside. Flores fires a long combo, eats a 1-2. Clinch. Uppercut inside by Flores. Hard body shots from the Mexican fighter, Cusolito comes back with body shots of his own. Exchange in the center. Flores lands a lead uppercut. Nice body shot. One minute in. Left uppercut sneaks through the guard, Flores follows up with a right downstairs. Combination on the ropes. Cusolito lands a few of his own. Nice overhand right and left to the body by Cusolito. Flores shoulder-bumps Cusolito away and gets warned. Cusolito wades in with a left hook. One minute to go. Very nice combo by Flores. Cusolito isn't moving his head and eats a 3-2. Lead right by Cusolito, then some short shots inside. Good body work by the Argentinian. Cusolito lands a check hook and right hand, walks into a cross at round's end. 77-75 Flores.

Round nine: Cusolito active in the early going and lands a massive left hook and overhand. Stiff jab as well, all raising clouds of sweat. Flores moves him to the ropes and goes to the body with both hands. Lead right by Flores begins a combination. Flores cracks him with a right on the ropes. One minute in. Cusolito to the body, eats a left hook. Flores with a right downstairs. 1-2 by Cusolito. Left hook by Flores lands clean. Cusolito firing with more volume and lands to the gut. Flores with a clean uppercut to begin a combo, eats a right on the pivot. One minute to go. Flores left uppercut, Cusolito body shot. Flores to the body, then a left hook upstairs. Uppercut by Flores. Some foot entanglement near the corner. Flores with a left hook and straight right, lands another hook and right to the body. Cusolito eats a nasty combo at the bell. 87-84 Flores; it was Cusolito's round for the first half but great work late from the Mexican fighter.

Round ten: As usual, they swing big to start the round before getting back to a reasonable pace. Cusolito on the front foot this time, digging to the body. Flores with a combination. left hook and uppercut by Cusolito, clinch. Check hook and 1-2 by Cusolito. Cusolito digs to the body inside. One minute in. Flores lands a left hook as Cusolito leans. Flores not doing a good job of getting him to the ropes this time. Cusolito backs him off with some nice counters. Cusolito to the body, comes up with an overhand right. 1-2 and uppercut and overhand and left hook and 1-1-2. Now Flores throws back. One minute to go. Cusolito having his best right in a while, but eats a right hand. Cusolito to the body with the right. Clinch. Flores lands a stiff cross and jab. Good right hand exchange. They both wing bombs at the end. 96-94 Flores.

Round eleven: Right back to business. Flores more active in the slugfest this time. Flores backs him up, Cusolito keeps throwing. Both men land hard shots. Nasty uppercut and right cross from Cusolito. Left hook, right hand by Flores. Hard shovel hook. Cusolito with a left uppercut inside. One minute in. Right by Cusolito, then another glancing one. Flores lands a nasty left hook. Flores moves him to the corner, Cusolito circles out. 1-2 by Cusolito after eating a combination. Nasty 1-2 from Flores and they continue to trade big punches. One minute to go. Nasty overhand by Cusolito. Flores cuffs him with a left hook. Flores with a right on the break after clever use of elbow. BIG 2-3 by Flores and a powerful right hand to the body. Flores smacks him with a left hook, Cusolito comes back with a looping right. 106-103 Flores.

Round twelve: Flores quickly lands a right hand and they go back to swinging. Body shots by Flores, exchange to the head. Flores walking him down and landing some brutal, wound-up punches. Simultaneous left hook and Cusolito got the worst of it. The Argentinian is eating punches and the referee steps in. Can't say I agree with that; he still looked lucid, but he doesn't complain.

Final result: Flores def. Cusolito by TKO

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