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Mikey Garcia picks Andre Ward to beat Gennady Golovkin

Mikey Garcia (remember him?) says Ward's technical skills should trump Golovkin in a prospective fight, believing Golokvin has begun relying too much on his power.

Mikey Garcia, who can probably relate to Andre Ward from an inactivity standpoint, says he thinks a fight between Ward and Golovkin can be made -- but not right away. He believes that HBO has too much invested in Golovkin at the moment to just recklessly throw him in with Ward, which could potentially hurt their ROI (return on investment). Mikey also says that HBO made a concerted effort to push Golovkin during Ward's long layoff, needing a replacement, suggesting if Ward had stayed active it would've probably taken Gennady longer to reach this level.

Garcia goes on to say that although Golovkin has boxing skills, he sees him falling too much in love with his power in order to provide "big drama show" and thinks that would ultimately cost him against someone as skilled as Ward. Mikey also readily acknowledges that Ward isn't as exciting as Golovkin, but that doesn't take away from his skill set and where he should be rated pound-for pound.

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