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Klitschko: "Fury is a bipolar psychopath"

Dr. Steelhammer diagnoses Tyson Fury as being an insecure bipolar mess, but says he has the perfect treatment plan for him - which includes punching his face on Oct. 24th.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

What does Wladimir Klitschko think of Tyson Fury's theatrics at yesterday's presser? Well, in short, he thinks Fury is mentally ill. For those who missed it, Fury showed up to yesterday's press conference in a homemade Batman costume and wrestled some guy in the seats before leaving, changing clothes, and returning only to go on a verbal tirade against Klitschko. To be fair, Fury was just having some fun, but the whole thing was a little bizarre - and bizarre is often what you get from a guy who dubs himself the 'Gypsy King.'

"That's the most entertaining conference I have been at in 25 years boxing. It was funny and amusing," said 39-year-old Klitschko (64-3, 53 KOs). "But a lot of the statements and nonsense that he said is because of the insecurity inside him.

Klitschko continued analyzing Fury's behavior, suggesting that he thinks the man is basically a lunatic who is in dire need of his help, in the form of Dr. Steelhammer's physical corrective treatment.

"So I definitely think Tyson Fury is a bipolar psychopath and he needs treatment and that I can make him a better person. I have done the same with a lot of other guys previously and the way of the treatment is the fight. The treatment has already started for him."

After the presser Fury stated that his shenanigans were designed to let Klitschko know, loud and clear, that he's not here to play games -- despite doing so by playing dress-up. So yeah, I can understand if some of that message got a little lost in translation.

"I do think I've rattled him, properly. If anything is going to rattle him that will have done it because it was a hell of a show. He can try and do what he wants but he is boring. I just want to beat the man who is the man at the moment. This is my time to shine. There are no ifs. I will be victorious. I will be heavyweight champion. I am going over there to knock him out," said Fury.

Klitschko, for his part, is content to let Fury put on his one-man show while he plans to let his actions do the talking come fight night.

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