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David Lemieux: Golovkin has not faced a fighter like me before

David Lemieux is ready for his October 17 shot at Gennady Golovkin, and held a media workout in Montreal.

DAVID LEMIEUX, IBF Middleweight World Champion:

"Golovkin has not faced a fighter like me before. I am an aggressive fighter and I am confident in my abilities. I feel that I will be successful on Oct. 17.

"It means a lot to have Oscar and Bernard here with me today. I feel like I am stepping on their footsepts on my way to something great, on my way to become the next great world champion. They are a great example to me, I respect their career and the men they are."

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions:

"This is the fight of his life, the one he has been waiting for to take him to the next level. Yes it is not an easy one but is a fight that David can win.

"I feel that with David being a champion and Golovkin being a champion this is a fight all the people will enjoy.

"Everyone is so accustomed to seeing Golovkin be a forward and aggressive boxer, but I don't think he will do that with David. David will put the pressure on him and it will be an advantage for David.

"This time Golovkin will be in front of David for David to land his big punches. I believe it is going to be easier than N'Dam because of his style. N'Dam was a long range fighter and was using his distance and I believe David will knock out Golovkin.

"GGG has not faced a strong fighter and a smart fighter like David Lemieux in his career."

CAMILLE ESTEPHAN, President of Eye of The Tiger Management:

"We are prepared and we are looking forward to the 17th. The closer we get to the date the more confident we are.

"David's training has gone beyond our hopes. He is stronger everyday and I know this is going to be a year for him. He will make his hometown proud on Oct. 17."

ERIC GOMEZ, Senior Vice President of Golden Boy Promotions:

"All the greats have fought at Madison Square Garden, but here you have two foreigners who will sell out the area.

"There will be 20000 people cheering on David and Gennady, they have transcended borders."

BERNARD HOPKINS, Future Hall of Famer and Golden Boy Promotions Partner:

"David is a popular fighter, he will win over all the fans in New York. They love David in Philly, they love his forward style."

MARC RAMSAY, Head Trainer for David Lemieux:

"David has been very focused in the gym and has 100% committed to his training for this fight. He is they type of fighter that comes into the gym every day and works at a level above every day.

"David is known for his power in the ring, but he surprises me everyday. That's good; he is going to surprise a lot of people on Oct. 17."

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