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Chudinov vs Buglioni: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Fedor Chudinov takes on Frank Buglioni in the headline bout from Wembley Arena today on BoxNation.

Fedor Chudinov puts his WBA super middleweight title on the line today, going on the road to face popular Frank Buglioni at Wembley Arena in London. The televised card begins at 2:00 pm EST on BoxNation (UK), and we'll be here with live coverage.

Chudinov (13-0, 10 KO) is the heavy favorite, coming off of a solid May win in Germany over former multiple-time middleweight titleholder Felix Sturm. The 28-year-old Russian is making the first defense of the belt he won that night. Buglioni (17-1-1, 13 KO) is a bit of a surprise challenger. He last fought on July 24, knocking out Fernando Castaneda in five rounds. That came after a 10-round draw against Lee Markham on May 9.

This could potentially wind up being the only crack at a world title that the 26-year-old Buglioni is going to get, as he's shown some pretty notable limitations, but has remained a crowd-pleasing fighter, and one who can draw fans to the venue.

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Fedor Chudinov def. Frank Buglioni by unanimous decision (120-106, 118-108, 117-109)

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Round 1: Buglioni trying to use his legs, which is a good idea and maybe the one thing he can do to give himself a serious chance here beyond landing some massive shot that ends the fight, which is also possible, I guess. It's definitely slowing down Chudinov's pressure, which is what he does well. Buglioni getting big reaction from the audience for just about everything, which is the advantage of fighting at home. And being popular. Chudinov peppering away with a couple of shots as Buglioni keeps moving. He's not running, and he's throwing punches, but he's moving, not just staying there to get hit, which has been his biggest issue. Decent first round, edged to Chudinov but a fine start for Buglioni. Chudinov 10-9

Round 2: Chudinov picking up the pace and landing at distance, then gets Buglioni at a standstill and sinks an uppercut on the inside. Buglioni takes that and goes back to moving and throwing potshots. Two body shots from Chudinov. Chudinov starting to mark his territory now and landing more clean, noticeable shots. Buglioni on the inside not defending himself, but he is dipping his shoulder and shoving his way toward Chudinov. Chudinov 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: The difference in polish and skill is becoming very apparent. Chudinov is outclassing Buglioni now, somewhat quietly, but very clearly. First cringing "oh, dear" from BoxNation team comes halfway into this round, where Chudinov is chewing up Buglioni and landing constantly. Buglioni is fighting back, but this is getting one-sided in a hurry. Chudinov 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Chudinov staying active, keeping up the pressure, dragging Buglioni into a fight on the inside. Buglioni, bless him, is fighting to the very best of his ability, and there's a combo on the inside. But then Chudinov fires back and takes over again. Buglioni starting to tire just a bit, it would seem. Chudinov wearing him down with body work and constant motion. Chudinov 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: This has settled into a rhythm. Chudinov dominating, not in an eye-popping way, but quite obviously so. Everything feels entirely inevitable now. Buglioni is trying, but he's not good enough. Chudinov 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Every round fatigue seems to be setting in more on Buglioni, and it may only be a matter of time before Chudinov can find enough success that Buglioni will fold against his will. Buglioni with a little success late in the round, but Chudinov nullifies it with solid body shots as he presses Buglioni to the ropes and begins to whale away. Buglioni with a wild right that lands, then he hits Chudinov well after the bell. Chudinov falls, but doesn't appear hurt. Buglioni gets two points taken away. Chudinov 10-9, -2 for Buglioni, 60-52

Round 7: Buglioni comes out firing to start round 7, hoping that his blatant foul will give him an advantage. Chudinov takes whatever gets there and then starts hammering away on Buglioni again as the round wears on. He pretty much dominates once again. Chudinov 10-9, 70-61

Round 8: Chudinov remains in control. They trade near the bell, with Buglioni landing a couple of solid shots, but Chudinov may have gotten the better of that, even. Crowd was sure excited, though. Chudinov 10-9, 80-70

Round 9: Buglioni continues to throw just about everything he has at Chudinov, at least in bursts. Chudinov is still controlling this fight, though. He's just a better fighter. I mean there's nothing more dramatic to it than that. Final minute of the round sees Buglioni get stung a little bit. Chudinov 10-9, 90-79

Round 10: Chudinov patiently working away, Buglioni continues to fade physically. But he's throwing a few. Body shots inside from Buglioni. Buglioni really looks spent now. No zip on his punches. But he sure is trying. Chudinov 10-9, 100-88

Round 11: Buglioni continues to throw. More significantly, Chudinov continues to land. Another wide, one-sided Chudinov round. Chudinov 10-9, 110-97

Round 12: More of the same. Buglioni brave, heart, guts, balls, etc, but Chudinov has really put a beating on him. This is a fight that has shortened Buglioni's career. Chudinov 10-9, 120-106

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