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Chudinov vs Buglioni results: Fedor Chudinov retains WBA belt in landslide decision

Frank Buglioni was brave, but Fedor Chudinov was good, and the Russian retained his WBA super middleweight belt in London.

Leigh Dawney/Getty Images

Fedor Chudinov had no real trouble today with Frank Buglioni, but the game if overmatched British challenger stood his ground over 12 rounds, lasting the distance and taking a pretty sizable beating in the process. Chudinov retained his WBA "world" super middleweight title on scores of 120-106, 118-108, and 117-109. BLH had it 120-106 for Chudinov.

Chudinov (14-0, 10 KO) dominated the action throughout, using smart and consistent pressure and mixing shots to the body and head nicely over all 12 rounds. Buglioni (17-2-1, 13 KO) certainly deserves credit for his courage, but he was really outclassed by a better, more polished, more skilled fighter in Chudinov, which comes as no real surprise, since Chudinov was the heavy favorite.

You do have to give Frank Buglioni a lot of credit, though. He came out with a plan and fought about as well as one could have expected, and he went the distance with a guy who was landing a lot of clean shots over the course of the fight, particularly once Buglioni started getting stuck on the inside. Uppercuts rocked Buglioni's head back repeatedly, but he never appeared in any serious trouble. It speaks a lot to the desire and the heart of Buglioni, who really has nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever with this performance.

Chudinov, though, was the better man, and demonstrably so. There are a million flowery ways one could describe his dominance in this fight, but it's quite simple: he was the better fighter. There's nothing more complicated to it than that. Buglioni put in great effort but wasn't nearly good enough.

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