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Khan still fishing for Floyd, Pacquaio the bait

Amir Khan continues his media campaign, telling Sky Sports that he's hoping to use a win over Manny Pacquiao to lure Mayweather into a 50th fight.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Amir Khan is something like the 2015 version of Captain Ahab, blinded by his own aspirations and relentlessly continuing his hapless fishing expedition for his Moby Dick - Floyd Mayweather. It was bad enough for him to assert that beating Manny Pacquiao would vault him to the top of the P4P rankings, but he's steadfast in his opinion that a win over the Filipino icon may draw Mayweather out of retirement, and right into his hands.

"I think he thinks I'm too dangerous for him. I don't think he'll ever want to fight me. I bring too much to the table and would cause him a lot of problems," Khan told Sky Sports.

"I want to fight Manny Pacquiao next because if I beat him, maybe that will make Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement to fight me. The public demand would be huge."

Khan goes on to say that he plans to fight in December, but if that doesn't happen he could go as late as February and hopes to have his opponent finalized within the next week. This would sort of go against Khan's modus operandi of not risking a loss until he secures a big time fight like he's done in the past -- but with no opponent currently on the schedule for him, that's certainly still a possibility.

Amir does have some ideas though, he's thrown around Danny Garcia's name, stating he'd like a rematch with the newly-turned welterweight to exact some revenge.

"I'd like to fight Danny Garcia and settle the score properly. I'd like that fight as well and in the next two or three weeks we should know exactly who I'm going to be against," said Khan.

It'll be telling to see who Khan takes in an interim bout before Pacquiao, should that fight get finalized. If he does in fact make a rematch with Garcia late this year, it surely could put his big money fight in jeopardy. Will Khan risk it?

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