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PBC on FS1 - Fortuna vs Velasquez: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Tonight at 9 pm EST on FS1, Premier Boxing Champions is back with a world title main event and a showdown of unbeaten prospects in the co-feature, making for what looks like a nice Tuesday night of action.

Javier Fortuna will defend his WBA "world" super featherweight title tonight in the main event from the Palms in Las Vegas, facing Carlos Velasquez in a scheduled 12-round bout. In the co-feature, prospects Domonique Dolton and Oscar Molina square off in a 10-round junior middleweight fight.

Fortuna (28-0-1, 20 KO) looked very good his last time out, beating contender Bryan Vasquez by clear decision on the May 29 PBC on Spike card. This will be the first defense of the secondary WBA belt he won in that fight. The sanctioning body's "super" champion in the division is Takashi Uchiyama, considered the world's best fighter at the weight.

Velasquez (19-1, 12 KO) is by no means a serious contender. In his one notable fight, he was knocked out in the 10th round by Rico Ramos in 2013, and has four wins over club fighters since then. The Puerto Rican is ranked 114th in the world by BoxRec's system and has only fought past six rounds one time.

Dolton (17-0, 9 KO) and Molina (13-0, 10 KO) are sort of second tier prospects looking to step up and make a mark. Molina, 25, was an Olympian for Mexico in 2012, and is part of a boxing family, as his brothers Carlos and Javier also fight. Dolton, also 25, is perhaps best known for that time he was on Bounce TV and became DOLTON! Molina is dedicating this fight to his former promoter, the late Dan Goossen.

Patrick L. Stumberg will be here as always for your Tuesday night fight fix. Join him!


Javier Fortuna def. Carlos Velasquez by TKO at 0:35 of Round Ten

Dominique Dolton draws with Oscar Molina (97-93, 95-95)


Javier Fortuna vs. Carlos Velasquez

Round one: Both men hit the body to start. More body work. Left hook by Velasquez, combination by Fortuna in return. Lead left from Fortuna. Right hook around the guard, then another as Velasquez goes downstairs. Clinch. Clinch. Straight left downstairs from Fortuna. Clinch. Fortuna whacks away inside and takes Velasquez to the ropes, where the Puerto Rican ties up. Fortuna connects with a long right before getting clinched again. 10-9 Fortuna.

Round two: Lead right from Velasquez, then on the counter before they clinch. Left hook lands and Fortuna charges after him with bombs until he gets clinched. Clinch, short right hands by Velasquez. Short, mugging work by Velasquez, looping left by Fortuna. One minute in. Lead left lands for Fortuna. Clinch. Counter right by Velasquez, Fortuna digs to the body before getting clinched again. Awkward right hook to the temple by Fortuna drops Velasquez. Velasquez makes it back to his feet, a little unsteadily. Fortuna bangs away to the body and connects with a looping left. Fortuna landing some rib roasters and Velasquez ties up. Fortuna can't get to him before the bell. 10-8, 20-17 Fortuna.

Round three: Fortuna keeps on blasting, landing some savage body blows and a big overhand left. Fortuna's landing some nasty blows and Velasquez's nose is busted. He still waves Fortuna on. Clinch Fortuna taunting, keeping his hands low, body shots and right hook connect. One minute in. Clinch. Velasquez to the body, clinch. Both land hooks inside. One minute to go. Short combination by the Dominican. Clinch. Velasquez digs a right to the body, just misses with a right up top. Straight right through the guard. Bell. 10-9, 30-26 Fortuna.

Round four: Fortuna wades in, digging to the body. Clinch. Straight right by Velasquez, then one around the guard. Clinch. Body exchange, clinch. One minute in. Straight right by Velasquez. Fortuna with a left downstairs. Velasquez answers with a right. Rabbit punches from Velasquez int he clinch. Flurry by Fortuna. Again, and a good portion of these are landing. One minute to go. Fortuna drops his hands again. Clinch. Fortuna landing some glancing blows as he circles. Clinch. More clinching. 10-9, 40-35 Fortuna.

Round five: Velasquez coming after him in the first few seconds. Fortuna to the body. Velasquez with a right downstairs. Fortuna circling and pivoting well. One minute in. Lead left by Fortuna. Right hook from Fortuna, left to the body by Velasquez. Body shot from Fortuna. Straight left up top. Lead right by Velasquez, lead left by Fortuna. One minute to go. 2-1 by Fortuna, straight left downstairs. Clinch. Fortuna sticks another left to the  body, then one up top. Cuffing hook by Velasquez into the clinch. 10-9, 50-44 Fortuna.

Round six: Half-speed left by Fortuna. Clinch. Velasquez struggling to cut off the ring, even if he's not taking big shots at the moment. Rights by the Puerto Rican. One minute in. Nice lead uppercut by Fortuna, who presses the attack and lands some solid shots until Velasquez ties up. One minute to go. More posturing by Fortuna. Clinch. Nice 1-2 by Velasquez. Nice shots by Velasquez on the ropes. He lands another left hook before round's end. 10-9 Velasquez, 59-54 Fortuna.

Round seven: Lead left and right hook by Fortuna, right hook by Velasquez. Clinch, Fortuna seems agitated. Right by Velasquez, clinch. Velasquez backs him to the ropes and they clinch. Clinch. Clinch. They exchange inside, Velasquez connects with a left hook. One minute to go. Good right by Velasquez. Clinch. Lead left from Fortuna. Velasquez with a long right to the body. Another lead left by Fortuna into the clinch. 10-9 Velasquez, 68-64 Fortuna.

Round eight: Overhand left lands for Fortuna, then a body shot as Velasquez opens up. Velasquez connects, Fortuna comes back off the back foot. Right by Velasquez, clinch. Lead left by Fortuna. One minute in. Fortuna to the body inside, clinch. Right hand inside by Velasquez. Check hook by Fortuna. Lead right by Velasquez. Clinch. One minute to go. Clinch. Left hook by Velasquez as Fortuna looks to flurry. Good shots by Fortuna; that body work may be paying dividends. Clinch. Lead left and right hook from Fortuna, who keeps on punching until the bell. 10-9, 78-73 Fortuna.

Round nine: Check hook by Fortuna on the ropes. Clinch. Fortuna with a left downstairs, Velasquez with a right up top. Fortuna ducks a wide punch and Velasquez slips, a bit slow to get up. One minute in. Fortuna flurrying and lands a hard right hook. Fortuna just unloading to the head and body as Velasquez fires back. Clinch. Body shots and right hook from Fortuna, left by Velasquez. Clinch. One minute to go. Right hooks from Fortuna. Body shots, right hook. Nice shots by Fortuna. Clinch. Fortuna basically just walking through everything Velasquez sends back, bashing him with a big right hook before the bell. 10-9, 88-82 Fortuna.

Round ten: Fortuna just wading forward with hard shots to the head and body. Velasquez isn't offering enough in return and Mora steps in to seal Fortuna's first title defense.

Final result: Fortuna def. Velasquez by TKO

Swing Fight: Andrew Tabiti vs. Tamas Lodi

Round one: Both men prodding with the jabs early. Right hands from Tabiti. Tabiti ducks a right hand and clinches. One minute in. Double left hook by Tabiti. Lodi whiffs on a hook of his own. counter right to the body from Tabiti. 1-2 by Lodi, Tabiti to the body. One minute to go. Lodi jabs the body. Straight right lands clean for Tabiti. Lodi whiffs on a long right and clinches before the bell. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round two: Tabiti lands a left hook around the guard. Tabiti bouncing some punches off the guard, digs one to the body. One minute in. Counter uppercut lands for Tabiti. 1-2 and a right to the body from Tabiti. Tabiti jabs the body as he moves Lodi to the ropes, slamming home a left to the body. Counter uppercut and body shot hurt Lodi and Tabiti stalks forward. Counter hook by Lodi after eating some body shots. Forty-five seconds to go. 1-2 lands clean and sends Lodi flying, landing on his back beneath the turnbuckle. Tabiti starts to celebrate but Lodi beats the count and survives the round. 20-17 Tabiti.

Lodi does not make it out of the corner.

Final result: Tabiti def. Lodi by TKO

Dominique Dolton vs. Oscar Molina

Round one: Both men pawing early. Molina jabs the body. Dolton slams an overhand off the guard. One minute in. Combination by Dolton. They trade, neither lands clean. Impressive hand speed on display. 3-2 lands for Dolton. One minute to go. 1-2 connects. Molina digs a left hook to the body. Clinch. Molina to the body with his right before the bell. 10-9 Dolton.

Round two: Dolton's getting Molina to bite on feints. Good double jab from Molina. Left hook and looping right connects for him. Dolton opens up in the corner, landing a hook to the body. Molina gets his mouthpiece knocked out, prompting a pause. Molina lands a lead right and they clinch. Body shot. Dalton digs a right downstairs. Another lead right lands for Molina, who's not throwing much but is landing what he does. Combination lands for Dolton as he takes Molina to the ropes. Anotehr combination. Counter uppercut by Dolton. Double left hook by Molina. They trade on the ropes. Counter overhand and body shot land for Molina and they trade at the bell. 10-9 Molina, 19-19.

Round three: Lead hook from Molina staggers Dolton. Molina swinging heavy leather and landing some very nice punches. Dolton fires back, eats a left hook. Dolton digs a good hook to the body. Dolton's managed to recover, but eats another left hook. Good combination from Dolton through the guard. One minute in. Molina now on the front foot. Dolton fires a three-piece combination. Counter right by Molina. Stiff jab from Molina, Dolton answers. One minute to go. Molina lands a lead right, Dolton backs him off and eats a body shot. Lead hook from Molina. Molina cracks him with a lead right hand, then a counter left hook before the bell. 10-9, 29-28 Molina.

Round four: Double jab connects for Dolton. Check hook by Molina, then another. Dolton pushing him back, staying active with feints. Another left hook by Molina. One minute in. Dolton backs him to the ropes and bounces some shots off the guard. Another lead hook by Molina, then a nasty right upper that Dolton takes well. Clinch. Clinch. One minute to go. Dolton lands a right to the body and takes a left hook. Lead right from Dolton. Body shots by Dolton, clinch. Molina digs a right to the body before the bell. 10-9, 39-37 Molina.

Round five: Lead hook by Molina. Dolton doing good work with the jab. Counter right after taking a jab by Molina. Molina goes to the body after taking some jabs. Clinch. Dolton digs a right to the body. Both land right hands. Molina to the body. Left hook upstairs by Molina now. Dolton slips an uppercut through the guard as Molina plods after him. Hard lead right from Molina. 10-9 Dolton, 48-47 Molina.

Round six: Molina advancing in the opening moments. Clinch. Left hook by Molina amid a Dolton combo, then a pair of stiff lefts. One minute in. Nice 1-2 by Dolton. Right downstairs. Molina with a left downstairs. Nice overhand right from Molina, right hook in return from Dolton. Left hook exchange. One minute to go. Slick uppercut by Dalton behind a pair of jabs. Right to the body connects for Dolton. Molina answers in kind. Left hook connects for Molina. 10-9 Dolton, 57-57

Round seven: Molina still looking for the counter hook. Molina digs one to the body. Clinch. Dolton's active with the jab, takes another left hook. Clubbing right from Molina. One minute in. 1-2 by Dolton, jab behind it. 1-2 by Molina, Dolton backs him off. Right to the body by Dolton. Molina rips to the body with a pair of lefts. One minute to go. Dolton slips an uppercut through before taking a body shot. Molina walking him down, whacks the gut once again. They exchange, Dolton lands a right on the beltline. Both men dig at close range. Molina lands some heavy blows on the ropes, but eats a huge right at the bell. 10-9, 67-66 Molina.

Round eight: Both men jab the body. Good combination by Dolton, clinch. Left hook connects after Molina walks him to the ropes. Molina to the body with the right, then the camera pointed at the ring dies for a few seconds. One minute in. Clinch. Left hook by Molina. Clinch. Dolton sneaks in an uppercut. Clinch. Another nice uppercut by Dolton. One minute to go. Amusingly, they're trying to talk to Sugar Hill but his mic isn't near his mouth. Clinch. Good right by Dolton, Molina connects in return. Molina takes him to the corner and digs a savage hook to the body. Molina lands some crushing blows before the bell that Dolton takes well. 10-9 Dolton, 76-76.

Round nine: Dolton landing some good shots early. Molina lands a pair of shots in between eating blows. Molina to the body. Molina backs him tot he ropes and lands a right downstairs. Dolton backs him off, lands with a long right. One minute in. Clinch. Molina's just being outworked at the moment, though he does land a right to the body as Dolton works at close range. Clinch. They whack away at close range, good hook by Molina and an uppercut soon after. Dolton to the body, clash of heads. One minute to go. Both men dig downstairs. 3-2 by Dolton. 1-2 and Molina comes back with a pair of hard hooks. Clinch. Jab exchange at the bell. 10-9, 86-85 Dolton.

Round ten: Counter right by Dolton, body shot from Molina. Clinch. Molina sneaks in an uppercut, takes some body blows from Molina. Dolton landing short blows inside, punctuated occasionally by Molina body blows. One minute in. Molina to the body again. They trade good blows forehead-to-forehead. Clinch. Molina fires a right to the body, then an uppercut as Dolton whacks away inside. Both men trade to the body. One minute to go. They continue to trade at point-blank. Right hand and left hooks by Molina. Molina eating some ard blows and coming back with bigger. They swing huge shorts until the bell. 10-9, 96-94 Dolton.

Final result: Majority draw

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