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Floyd Mayweather: Most fighters that are retired didn't have a choice

Floyd Mayweather isn't backing down: his next fight, he says, is his last.

Floyd Mayweather is insistent that his September 12 bout with Andre Berto will be the last of his legendary career, and told reporters gathered at a recent media day that unlike other fighters who have said they're retired and come back -- something Mayweather has also done, for what it's worth -- he won't have problems sticking with the idea.

"Two and a half, three weeks, and I'm ready to hang it up and spend time with my children," says Mayweather in a clip from tonight's episode of Showtime's All Access. And when asked about fighters who have had a very difficult transition into retirement, Mayweather added, "Most fighters that are retired didn't have a choice."

It's true that Mayweather, 38, has made more than enough money to retire. He could have retired before the fight with Manny Pacquiao and been set, and that fight alone added nearly $250 million to his bank account.

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