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Poll: Will Floyd Mayweather actually retire from boxing after Berto bout?

Floyd Mayweather says he's done after September 12. But what do you expect?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather says he's going to retire. But since this is boxing, and since we've heard this from Mayweather himself before, the question lingers: will he really retire at 49-0, or come back for at least one more fight and look to make it an even 50, which would put him one win better than the legendary mark of Rocky Marciano?

Mayweather, 38, scratched off the only name truly left on the list to define his legacy as his generation's greatest fighter when he beat Manny Pacquiao convincingly on May 2 of this year. Not only did he get the huge win over his long-time press rival, but he also made record money in the blockbuster event. Financially, Mayweather should be more than set to retire, and he's been very clear that he doesn't want to let boxing retire him -- he wants to make the call.

But, of course, Mayweather retired in 2008, too, when he canceled a planned rematch with Oscar De La Hoya. In a press release then, he said, "I just can't do it anymore. I have found a peace with my decision that I have not felt in a long time."

Mayweather returned in September 2009 with a win over Juan Manuel Marquez, and has been on a roll ever since, even becoming a more active fighter as he's aged, fighting twice per year for the last three years.

It's also worth noting that Mayweather's record contract with Showtime and CBS expires after next Saturday's fight with Andre Berto, and that were he to look to market one more fight for 50-0, not only would CBS most likely be willing to throw a ton of money his way, but HBO would, too, in the hopes of bringing him back to close out his career under his old banner. Maybe even get one last argument with Larry Merchant as a half-hour special. (OK, that's definitely not going to happen.)

What do you think? Is Money Mayweather going to leave it at 49-0 (or 48-1, I guess), or will he come back for 50 or more?

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