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PBC on CBS results: McDonnell beats Kameda again to retain belt

Jamie McDonnell made it two-for-two against Tomoki Kameda, winning a very competitive rematch on CBS.

Lucas Noonan/PBC

Jamie McDonnell and Tomoki Kameda had a close, compelling fight in May, and they had another one today, with McDonnell again emerging victorious to retain the WBA "world" bantamweight title in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Scores for the first fight were 114-113 across the board for McDonnell, and this time came in at a wider 115-112, 116-111, and 117-110 for the defending titleholder, who beat Kameda for the belt in their first bout. BLH had it 116-111 for McDonnell, who scored a 12th round knockdown to put a stamp on the victory.

Kameda (31-2, 19 KO) came out aggressively and pretty clearly took the opening two rounds, but after that McDonnell (27-2-1, 12 KO) stepped up the pressure, coming forward and putting Kameda on the back foot, while landing some good shots. Upping his own intensity, McDonnell took away a lot of what Kameda showed early, and Tomoki moving backwards and showing a spotty offensive attack clearly just didn't impress the judges enough.

That said, the fight was very competitive all the way through, and there were more toss-up rounds than there were clear frames for either fighter. The PBC on CBS team had this one fairly one-sided for Kameda, while the PBC international feed had it one-sided for McDonnell. Scores on Twitter were also all over the place. How did you score it? Did McDonnell deserve the nod, or did you score it for Kameda?

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