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WBO won't sanction Bradley-Rios as title fight as it currently stands

The WBO has said the proposed Bradley-Rios fight won't be sanctioned as a title fight unless the two sides work out an agreement with Sadam Ali and Golden Boy.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

WBO President Paco Valcárcel pumps the brakes on Bradley-Rios, saying they two sides must work out a step aside deal with Sadam Ali and promoter Golden Boy before they will go ahead and sanction the bout as a title fight. Sadam Ali is currently the WBO's number one contender and therefore he will need a payoff if Bradley-Rios will be for their belt.

"(The) WBO hasn't sanctioned Tim Bradley v Brandon Rios and won't until an agreement is reached with Golden Boy, Sadam Ali's promoter," explained Valcárcel on Monday.

Without Oscar De La Hoya's blessing (Ali's promoter), Bradley-Rios is in danger of falling apart once again, but seeing how De La Hoya and Bob Arum has sort of mended their relationship, the general feeling is that Oscar and Bob will work out an arrangement for this to go forward as proposed. For Sadam Ali, he could get a nice chunk of change and not even have to fight for it.

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