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Mayweather-Berto shaping up to be a flop at the box office

With just a few days left until Floyd Mayweather's final fight, there are still plenty of tickets available on the open market.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

We all knew the Mayweather-Berto fight would be a testament to Floyd's true drawing power, and the early projections aren't looking too good. There's only about four days left before Mayweather takes on Andre Berto in a fight nobody was asking for, and Ticketmaster still shows there being over 2,100 tickets still available for sale. The actual number is probably greater since promoters typically hold a block of the available tickets for themselves.

Glenn Lehrman of StubHub said the average resale price for May-Pac tickets were $5,095, while the ones for this upcoming fight are only $799 - significantly less to say the least. Another indicator is that Las Vegas hotels haven't seen any price jump in their nightly rates, which went up to about 4x the normal price for the Pacquiao fight.

Additionally, after tickets sales began faltering late last week, the MGM started offering more aggressive deals to those who frequent the hotel, some including a two-night stay with two tickets to the Mayweather-Berto fight. That's not typically something you see for an event in high demand.

So with this fight looking to perform well under Mayweather's typical PPV standards, let's play a new version of Bad Left Hook Pick 'Em. What's your projection on the PPV sales for Mayweather-Berto?

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