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Mayweather and Ellerbe talk lackluster ticket sales

Neither Floyd Mayweather nor Leonard Ellerbe seem too concerned about there still being plenty of tickets on the market for Mayweather-Berto. Maybe because Floyd already has a sweet guaranteed minimum purse.

Reporters ask Floyd Mayweather about the ticket sales for Mayweather-Berto not selling so well, and whether that might also be an indicator that not many will be willing to shell out $75 for his PPV either. Ultimately, the question posed to Floyd was whether or not this is indicative of him needing a credible dance partner to sell a fight.

Floyd responds by saying that all he ever does is sit back and hope for the best, while deferring the question to Leonard Ellerbe. Leonard essentially says that they know they'll do an 8-figure gate so he's not worried about ticket sales, and then going on to reference the entire history of fights in Las Vegas in obscure fashion.

Then, when asked a more pointed question about there being several thousand unsold tickets on Ticketmaster just a few days away from the fight, Ellerbe responds by saying with a smile, "normal business."

"At the end of the day, it's about your bottom line, remember that," says Ellerbe.

And with Floyd having a guaranteed minimum purse of 8-figures through his Showtime contract, I don't doubt that he's not too stressed about how well this fight sells.

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