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Mayweather Sr: Even if Manny beats Khan, he'll still get beat up along the way

Floyd Mayweather Sr. appeared on On The Ropes Boxing Radio and gives his thoughts on a potential Pacquiao-Khan fight.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With Amir Khan hoping to land a big fight with Manny Pacquiao, after being passed over by Floyd Mayweather Jr. several times, Floyd Sr. is asked about how he sees that potential fight playing itself out. Never one to lack an opinion, Floyd Sr. gives his feedback on that prospective match.

"I'm gonna be honest with you, I think Amir Khan will beat him too.

"Anybody that can box is gonna cause Pacquiao a problem. Even if Pacquiao beats him, Pacquiao's gonna get beat up before he lands the big punch anyways. Pacquiao's gonna get beat up even if he wins the fight, if it goes beyond six to eight rounds."

Floyd Sr. was then asked if Khan did beat Pacquiao, would that be enough for him to have earned a fight with his son.

"I already told him anyways, he doesn't deserve no fight. I told him, "I've seen your ass get whooped by bums, you don't need no fight."

I guess that's senior's way of saying no - there's nothing Khan can do to redeem himself.

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