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Leo Santa Cruz: Mayweather didn't want a risky fight; he was smart

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Leo Santa Cruz recently stepped up to face his toughest opponent to date. He believes Floyd Mayweather is deliberately doing just the opposite.

Leo Santa Cruz sat down for an interview with SBNation partner FightHub to discuss the upcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Berto. "You know, it's his last fight," he said. "He wants to retire undefeated, so he didn't want a dangerous fight. Because, you know, it's risky. He didn't want to pick a hard fighter because he could lose and he wouldn't want to retire undefeated."

Despite all the retirement talk, Santa Cruz did express his doubts that Mayweather will actually quit boxing altogether after fighting Berto. "I don't think [he will retire]," Santa Cruz smiled. "He still has a lot more fights [in him}. He looks really good. He still has good defense, fights smart . . . He says it's not affecting him, so I think he'll probably do two more fights. He'll try to do fifty fights."

Mayweather is scheduled for his 49th professional bout against Andre Berto this Saturday, September 12th.