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Al Bernstein: Teddy Atlas won't make any difference for Timothy Bradley

Boxing commentator Al Bernstein says Teddy Atlas is no better a trainer than Joel Diaz, and that Atlas won't make a difference in the third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley.

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For those of you who were less than impressed with Pacquiao's selection of Timothy Bradley for his final fight, Al Bernstein gives you even more reason to be disappointed. In an interview with On The Ropes Boxing Radio, Bernstein says that the addition of Teddy Atlas into Bradley's camp will be a non-factor in the fight, undermining the very narrative Bob Arum was hoping to sell.

"Much has been made of Teddy Atlas being in the corner of Bradley, personally, I don't think it makes one whit of difference. I actually don't think Bradley's performance in his last fight was any different than the Tim Bradley we've see before. There were all the good things and there was still some of the recklessness. It was who he fought, it wasn't that he fought any differently, I don't think there was one iota of difference. But that's a good selling point for this fight, and I guess it will be an interesting fight, it will be a competitive fight," Bernstein said.

"Teddy Atlas is no better a trainer than Joel Diaz. He's no different, he's no better, he doesn't bring anything to the dance that Tim Bradley hasn't had access to before. As far as Tim Bradley is concerned, they preached him not being as reckless and using his boxing skills before."

With Arum saying he won't promote this as Pacquiao's last fight, his whole selling point for this PPV was supposed to be the idea that this is a new and improved Timothy Bradley under the tutelage of Teddy Atlas. If we discount that notion, well then, there's really not much of a selling point at all (other than to simply see Pacquiao fight again).

"They'll try to spin the fact that the second fight was fairly competitive. The same people that were distressed about the decision in the first fight will try and sell the fact that it was closer. Those are some of the storylines they're going to have to try to use -€” whether they resonate is another question."

Tell me, fans, is this third fight resonating with you yet?

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