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Virgil Hunter says Sullivan Barrera is his choice for Andre Ward

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Andre Ward's trainer, Virgil Hunter, says Sullivan Barrera is his choice for Ward's next opponent. Barrera has been calling out Ward since his KO win over Karo Murat last month.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Cuban light heavyweight Sullivan Barrera has been calling for a fight with Andre Ward, and according to Ward's trainer, that's perfectly fine with him. In fact, Virgil Hunter says he'd actually prefer for Ward to fight Barrera next so Ward can get acquainted with his size.

"That's my choice, to fight [Sullivan] Barrera. I told Andre that's a good fight to start out with because he's got some height behind him," stated world-class trainer Virgil Hunter.

"I respect Abel Sanchez and his accomplishments with Golovkin and Barrera. We know that this is going to be a tough, tough fight. We're preparing for him just like we would anybody else. There's never no lack of preparation. It's a great fight for us coming into the light heavyweight division. We got a lot of respect for him," Hunter explained during a recent conversation with

Thus far, although negotiations are said to be taking place, it's also being said that the Barrera's purse still needs to be ironed out before an official agreement can be reached. Rumor has it that Barrera is perhaps asking for more than they think he's worth. Assuming this fight does come together though, do any of you believe that Barrera has a legitimate shot at beating Ward?