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Joe Gallagher wins Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year award

With a successful year for Scott Quigg, Liam Smith, and Anthony Crolla under his tutelage, Joe Gallagher takes home Ring Magazine's honors for Trainer of the Year.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Joe Gallagher has been named Ring Magazine's 2015 Trainer of the Year, much to Gallagher's own surprise and delight. Gallagher was leaving the gym when he got the word.

"F__ off," said the 47-year-old in disbelief, before belly laughter ensued. "How do you know I've won that? No way. Has it been confirmed? Is it on forums and social media? Where can I read about it?"

You can read about it here, Joe! Where else would you want to read about it?!

Ultimately, after being convinced by a reporter that he did in fact officially win the award, Gallagher was genuinely taken aback and emotional, being the first U.K.-born trainer in history to ever win the honors.

"When you look at the trainers I was up against: Arnulfo Obando, for the work with Roman Gonzalez, Abel Sanchez, for his success with Gennady Golovkin, and of course Peter Fury for taking Tyson to the heavyweight championship of the world -€” I honestly can't believe it."

It's a little surprising that Gallagher would be so surprised at winning the award, particularly because he had such a great case. Gallagher trains a good stable of professional fighters, but his work and successful year with the likes of Scott Quigg, Liam Smith, and Anthony Crolla put him over the top for the award.

"It's absolutely surreal that after all those years reading RING Magazine that this could happen. It's absolutely wild. I'll tell all the fighters that they need to pay more gym dues now. I can see the reaction on Twitter as we speak, it's just fantastic."

Congratulations to Joe Gallagher on a great 2015!

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