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Keith Thurman: Shawn Porter bullying 140-pounders at 147

Keith Thurman, who is rumored to be holding up the fight with Shawn Porter, says the fight will happen and hopes the official announcement comes within the next month.

Keith Thurman sits down with our friends at FightHub to talk about what he's been up to, and of course the elephant in the room. That would be the welterweight showdown between him and Shawn Porter that was brought up months ago, but still hasn't received an official confirmation. Thurman has been rumored to be the one holding up the fight, as has been mentioned by the Porter camp, but Thurman says it will happen.

"Yeah Kenny Porter says a lot of things, Shawn Porter doesn't say anything, which is very interesting," said Thurman. "So, you know, I'm fighting the fighter, not his father, and they're just throwing out rumors. We're managed by the same manager [Al Haymon] - you should know what's happening. We'll be fighting, but we're going to fight at the right time. I'm the champion, I have the belt, you want my belt, so they're just doing a lot of talk."

"I'm hoping [the fight announcement] is definitely within a month," continued Thurman. "Possibly within two weeks, so we'll see."

Speaking on his thoughts about Shawn Porter, Thurman says:

"Shawn Porter has been bullying 140-pounders at the 147lb division. When he got in with Kell Brook, a natural 147-pounder, he was not able to run him over like a simple bulldozer like he did Paulie Malignaggi, Devon Alexander, and Adrien Broner.

"Adrien Broner was catching Shawn with several punches and knocked him down in the 12th round. So we're confident that just like AB's left hook, my left hook's gonna be landing, and my left hook is obviously more devastating. Don't forget the right hand, don't forget the body shots, we're gonna be prepared for this fight."

Thurman finishes the interview by saying he doesn't really feel disrespected by anything the Porter's has said and that he wants the fight just as badly as they do - he just thinks they have to build the fight appropriately.

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