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Terence Crawford vs. Hank Lundy: Full Press Conference

Check out yesterday's full presser announcing Crawford-Lundy. If you want to skip past all the suits talking and get straight to the trash talk, scrub to the 36-minute mark.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Yesterday was the kick-off presser at Madison Square Garden, officially announcing the Feb. 27th fight between Terence Crawford and Hank Lundy. And anyone who knows anything about Lundy knows that there was no chance of him getting on stage without talking up a storm - and that's exactly what we got. Lundy came to the podium and briefly thanked everyone before getting straight to it.

"Terence, listen you can laugh, and excuse my french -- I'm on your ass," proclaimed Lundy as he peered over to look Crawford directly in his face.

"Listen I'ma tell you like this, I'm a street guy too...we can take it to the streets, and you don't want none of that," Lundy said as he continued to antagonize Crawford. "Fight night, it's gonna be a helluva show, and I guarantee I'm gonna come in here and take this man's belt."

"He's never seen nobody that had the same tools as me: southpaw, right handed, speed, punching power -- it's on! It's showtime."

Well, the fight is actually going to be aired on HBO, but you get the point...

"You coming to the east coast, homie," Lundy continued. "This sh*t ain't no game, no game, no game! I want you to get this in your ear," said Lundy as he looked back at Crawford who was staring-on attentively. "I'm gonna beat your ass, it's gonna be bad."

Shortly thereafter Crawford took to the podium with his usual soft spoken demeanor. He also briefly handed out a number of thanks to those involved in the event, and once that was taken care of, he turned his attention squarely to Lundy.

"Everybody knows you, Hank," started Crawford. "You're like the boy who cried wolf. You're always wolfin'. You talk a good game but then when you lose it's some extra little 'ah well, you know, it's me, Hank, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that,' you ain't gonna do sh*t!"

"You talk about how street you is, that's talking boy, we know about you," continued Crawford. "We heard about you getting socked up in the gym and ain't do nothin'...but for real though, when you look at me in my eyes - I'm about that mess though. You heard about me. You heard my background."

After a few tense moments on stage, Crawford flipped a switch back and flashed a big smile towards the crowd, thanking everyone who showed up. Crawford then gave a shout out to Hank's trainers who were standing in the crowd:

"Shout out to your coaches though, I appreciate ya'll. I think I've seen ya'll in the amateurs, when I was in the U.S. Nationals, when Hank was getting beat up," Crawford said with a laugh. "You remember that, Hank? Yeah boy, you thought I forgot. I remember all that."

Crawford then promised everyone watching a spectacular show on Feb. 27th.

"I'ma hit him in his mouth, and he gonna end up like [Dierry] Jean, and he gonna get what he's looking for," concluded Crawford.

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